Pokemon GO: Let’s Go Event now Live

Pokemon GO’s latest event Let’s Go is now live alongside the Team Rocket Takeover event coming right ahead on March 25th.

This event comes with the return of Meltan, the special Pokemon that came alongside the first Pokemon titles for the Nintendo Switch. This time around however the odds are looking favourable as the Pokemon is not shiny locked, with a higher chance of encountering the shiny version if people are lucky enough.

Here’s all that you need to know about this event.

The way to get Meltan is the same as before, people only need to install Pokemon Home on their mobile phones and connect it to their Nintendo Account. Once that is done, they need to connect Pokemon Go via Settings and transfer one Pokemon to get the Meltan Box. People can use this once every few days to spawn Meltan around them. This event gives players a quicker reset time to use the Meltan Box again and also gives higher chances of shiny Meltan encounters in this manner. It also gives you higher chances of finding a XXS or an XXL size Meltan.

Ditto and more:
Other than Meltan, Ditto is also coming with increased spawns and the ability to come transformed in more forms. It can also come as a shiny, just know that it will still disguise itself as a normal Pokemon even if it is the shiny variant, so don’t miss out on catching any spawn that you encounter!

The shown Pokemon that can be Ditto will also be spawning as themselves in the wild. And additionally, Goomy, Galarian Stunfisk and Trubbish will also be available as rare spawns in the wild. They all can be shiny too.

Aside from all of these, there are other bonuses as well for example getting 2 times as much candy for transferring Pokemon will be active throughout this event.

Pansage, Pansear and Panpour are also now available globally to players and are included in Field Research Task Encounters as well. They can also be shiny, but only to very lucky players, and all three of these alongside Ditto will be included in the Collection Challenge that will give you a Meltan encounter and XP if you’re able to complete it in time.


The Research department comes in two main forms, firstly being the free one that is available to all titled An Everyday Hero and gives a bunch of rewards. The second one is the purchasable one, the Season 10 Ticketed Time Research: Willow’s Wardrobe. This gives players the chance to unlock exclusive costumes and accessories and also a Melmetal encounter that knows the Charged Attack Double Iron Bash. Players that buy it will also be able to teach Meltans the exclusive move by evolving it into Melmetal before the Research duration runs out on June 1st 2023.


Raids feature Thundurus and Lugia as Legendary Raid pokemon, the former being available for most of the event duration till March 28th. Then Lugia will spawn till April 10th ahead.

Aside from these, Mega Raids will also be here with Mega Venasaur coming till March 28th. Then Mega Alakazam will be available to battle afterwards till April 10th. Keep in mind Mega Alakazam is one of the best Psychic Type Pokemon out there and highly viable in Raid and Player Battles. This seems to be the perfect time for players to get it if they have not caught it already.

Team GO Rocket Takeover:

The Rocket event is coming back as well featuring many new shadow Pokemon as well as the chance to get Shiny Shadow Pokemon if players are lucky enough. Giovanni is coming back alongside Shadow Regiice from March 25th till the 28th. Aside from this, 12km Eggs will consist of exclusive Pokemon that would not be available to catch by other means and some could even be shiny, for example, Larvitar, Absol and more. More info will also be shared when the event begins.

For more on Pokemon Go, visit the official website.


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