Niantic Campfire Announced as a Side-App Pokemon GO

Niantic has just announced a worldwide release for their social app, Niantic Campfire for all to download as a side-app for Pokemon GO. They’ve also shared a full new article covering their aim as to where the App will fit in for players.

Niantic starts Campfire’s Global Launch with the following message:

Our games are made to be enjoyed together with others out in the real world, and that’s why we continue to make the social experience better and more enjoyable with Campfire. Today we’re excited to announce Campfire is available to all Pokémon GO trainers. When we designed the Raids feature in Pokémon GO, we were focused on creating new gameplay that encouraged people to get together in the real world at the same time and the same place.

Nianticlabs via campfiregloballaunch

This would now allow all Pokemon GO players to have a platform for their social circle for Pokemon GO, enabling them to add and increase their social playing circle. This also allows players to hold data in one place for all mobile titles that Niantic have made.

The upcoming month of July had its Content Update filled with Raid Events whose essential element is to get together with other players to clear Raid Pokemon out. This will make the experience better for players that opt to download the new app.

Niantic has announced the Team Up function which connects Pokemon GO players to other nearby players. This will be a very convenient aspect for players making them getting together for raids much easier.

We look forward to seeing the ways players use Campfire to foster the genuine connections that have always been central to Niantic’s mission. The Campfire experience will continue to evolve over time with new features and tools designed to bring our community together in new meaningful ways out in the real-world.

Nianticlabs via Campfiregloballaunch.

Players around the globe now have a universal App that they can look to for getting together and joining local communities for playing Pokemon GO together. Overall, it looks like Niantic is slowly rolling out many new updates to make future events much more accessible and much more fun. For example now alongside Campfire, the newest subtle Spawn Distance has also received a buff which is greatly improving gameplay for all.

The official website page for Campfire has all the info you need if you’re looking to download it for yourself. For more on Pokemon GO, their website is over here.


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