Treasure Hoarder: Genshin Impact – Locations, Insignia Drops & More

Treasure Hoarder Genshin: Genshin Impact is a colourful video game that allows you to explore a large universe full of adventure and enchantment. You can play as a variety of characters, each with their unique set of special talents and capabilities. Quests must be completed, adversaries must be defeated, and mysteries must be discovered. The game is visually appealing and has an engaging tale.

It’s a fantastic game for everyone who like exploring, battling creatures, and solving riddles. In its wonderful environment, Genshin Impact provides something thrilling for everyone to appreciate.

Treasure Hoarder in Genshin Impact

The Treasure Hoarders are a group of nasty individuals that wander about Teyvat hunting for valuables. They’re like a gang of robbers out to steal precious items and keep them for themselves. These Treasure Hoarders may be found in a location in the game called Liyue.

They also congregate on the fringes of Dragonspine, a snowy region. They occasionally appear in story missions, when you must deal with them. They are constantly up to no good, so be prepared to combat them and safeguard the valuables they seek!

Insignia Drops from Treasure Hoarder in Genshin Impact

Treasure Hoarders are foes who drop precious items such as Treasure Hoarder Insignia, Silver Raven Insignia, and Golden Raven Insignia. These resources are used to improve weapons, characters, and abilities. Treasure Hoarders come in a variety of forms, including melee combatants and ranged attackers with elemental effects. The better the drops, the higher their level.

Location of Treasure Hoarder in Genshin Impact

Treasure Hoarders are most common in Liyue, particularly in Southern Liyue. If you’re in a hurry, concentrate on the Treasure Hoarder spots in the south for the best results. Remember that while the road markers indicate the existence of Treasure Hoarder gangs, they may not be precisely where they appear on the map. Climb to a high place and study their movement direction before falling down from above to find them.

Treasure Hoarder Locations in Southern Liyue

There are eight Treasure Hoarder places to find in Southern Liyue. These places encompass the Domain of the Wayward Path’s southwest, northwest, south-southeast, and southeast.

Treasure Hoarders may also be found immediately south of Dunyu Ruins, northwest of Mt. Tianheng, southwest of Mt. Tianheng, and east of Qingxu Pool. Exploring these regions will allow you to meet and interact with the Treasure Hoarders, as well as perhaps discover significant riches.

Treasure Hoarder Locations in Central Liyue

There are four prominent spots in Central Liyue that are worth seeing. The southeastern, southwestern, and northeastern parts of the Guili Ruins are among these localities.

You can also discover another place to the east of the Primo Geovishap den. By visiting these locations, you have the opportunity to encounter a variety of things of interest and maybe unearth hidden treasures or confront difficult challenges. Make the most of your Central Liyue experiences by thoroughly exploring these sites.

Treasure Hoarder Locations in Northern Liyue

There are two unique sites in Northern Liyue where you may locate and cultivate Treasure Hoarder Insignias. These are the localities northwest of Qingce Village. You can encounter Treasure Hoarder groups and obtain their priceless insignias by exploring these places.

Keep a watch out for them and be prepared for confrontations as you explore the northern sections of Qingce Village in search of Treasure Hoarder Insignias.

Characters that Use Insignia Drops from Treasure Hoarder in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, various characters make use of the drops gained from Treasure Hoarders. Beidou, Bennett, Kaeya, Kazuha, Shikanoin Heizou, Thoma, Xinyan, and Yanfei are among these characters. At least one of the drops acquired from defeating Treasure Hoarder foes may be used by each of these characters. These characters can improve their powers and become more formidable in combat by collecting and utilising these drops. So, if you want to enhance these characters, fighting Treasure Hoarders and acquiring their drops is a worthy endeavour.

To Wrap it all Up

Genshin Impact is an enthralling video game with a wide universe to explore and a range of characters to play as. The Treasure Hoarders, a gang of criminals, may be found in the game’s Liyue area. They are always looking for precious artefacts and represent a hazard to explorers.

Defeating them will get you important items including Treasure Hoarder Insignias, Silver Raven Insignias, and Golden Raven Insignias. These drops are essential for enhancing weapons, characters, and abilities.

Exploring particular areas of Liyue, such as the southern, central, and northern regions, increases your chances of encountering Treasure Hoarders and getting their drops. Characters like as Beidou, Bennett, Kaeya, and others can use these drops to boost their abilities and thrive.


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