Locked Chest Code: Genshin Impact – Quest Walkthrough | Guide

A variety of interesting and varied adventures are available for players to undertake in the immersive open-world action role-playing game Genshin Impact. These quests transport players on enthralling journeys across the mythical Teyvat universe, where they meet interesting people, solve mysteries, and conquer terrifying obstacles.

Genshin Impact’s quests come in a variety of formats to accommodate varied playstyles and narrative strands. There are many different quests to investigate, ranging from epic story quests that examine the game’s main plot to side quests that explore the backstories of certain characters.

Locked Chest Code: Genshin Impact – They Who Hear The Sea

There is a quest called “They Who Hear the Sea” in the Golden Apple Archipelago of Genshin Impact. One of the six quests you can find on the islands is this one. We’ll explain how to begin the quest, get the treasure, and get the key to the chest in our Genshin Impact walkthrough.

Until July 20, a particular region known as the Golden Apple Archipelago will only be accessible. Following that, it will vanish. Therefore, it’s crucial to complete your objectives and gather your rewards before that time.

Location of The Locked Chest & It’s Code in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact quest “They Who Hear the Sea” may be found in the Golden Apple Archipelago, a limited-time region introduced in patch 1.6. To gain access to this task, you must first visit the Golden Apple Archipelago and explore the islands. Keep a watch out for quest markers or NPCs with exclamation marks above their heads, as they may lead to the “They Who Hear the Sea” quest.

You can also utilise the quest menu or the game’s interactive map to locate and track the quest’s progress. Remember that the Golden Apple Archipelago is only available for a limited time, so finish the quest and any connected duties before the deadline.

What is The Locked Chest Code: Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact’s treasure chest can be opened by entering the code 5214. You can unlock the treasure and finish the quest They Who Hear the Sea by entering this code. This code works because it is linked to the Echoing Conch on Twinning Isle, making it accurate. Continue reading to learn how the clue functions.

Locked Chest Code Genshin

You won’t be able to open the chest once you get close to it. Only by entering a specific code can it be opened because it includes “family heirlooms”. In order to crack the code, Paimon advises paying attention to the sounds emanating from the conches.

Walkthrough of They Who Hear The Sea Quest – Locked Chest Code

You must find a specific echoing conch on Twinning Isle’s northern shore in order to begin this quest. You can use our Genshin Impact conch locations guide for guidance if you need help locating it.

When you locate the conch, a spot will be noted on your map. Go there and vanquish the adversaries there. A box will then appear, but it’ll be locked and you’ll need the above-mentioned code to open it.

Walkthrough of The Quest in Easy Simple Steps

  1. Find the echoing conch on Twinning Isle’s northern shore.
  2. Use a conch locations guide if needed.
  3. Locate the spot marked on your map after finding the conch.
  4. Defeat the enemies at the marked spot.
  5. A locked chest will appear after defeating the enemies.
  6. Use the mentioned code to unlock the chest.

Locked Chest Rewards: Genshin Impact

You will be rewarded with 350 Adventurer’s XP, 40 Primogems, and 20,000 Mora after successfully unlocking the locked chest in Genshin Impact. These awards can be useful for your game progression and currency. Remember to follow Pocket Tactics for more useful guides on the latest Genshin Impact updates.

To Wrap it all Up

The mission “They Who Hear the Sea” is located in the Golden Apple Archipelago, and our walkthrough guide assists players with beginning the quest, finding the prize, and unlocking the chest using the code. It’s critical to complete the quest and gather the rewards before the Golden Apple Archipelago vanishes on July 20.

Players may easily track and advance through the quest by following the quest markers, NPCs, or utilising the quest menu and interactive map. This quest’s locked chest code is 5214, which corresponds to the Echoing Conch on Twinning Isle.


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