How to Get Amos Bow: Genshin Impact – Stats, Best Characters

Action role-playing game Genshin Impact provides a wide variety of uncommon weapons to improve players’ battle skills and fortify their characters. From swords and bows to polearms and catalysts, each weapon in the game has unique characteristics that are tailored to specific playstyles and elemental affinities. Through different methods, such as wishes, quests, events, and the game’s crafting system, players can acquire these special weapons.

These weapons provide depth and customization possibilities to the gameplay, letting players to plan and perfect their squad compositions for optimum performance in battles around the fantasy realm of Teyvat. Each weapon has its own rarity, stats, and unique abilities.

Amos Bow: Genshin Impact

Old and powerful, despite the fact that its original owner is no longer alive, is Amos’ Bow. The power of the entire world can be tapped into by this bow. It’s interesting how the bow gets stronger the further you are from what you genuinely want. A rare 5-Star weapon in Genshin Impact is called Amos’ Bow.

History of The Amos Bow: Genshin Impact

A woman once followed a strong figure known as the Lord of the Tower. Once lovers, but the blustery winds made their relationship difficult. The woman yearned for a different world with oceans, forests, and a lofty tower more than just retribution. The Lord, however, did not hear what she had to say.

The Lord thought the howling wind signified adoration and obedience, and she realised she was the only one expressing sincerity. The woman, with others, questioned the Lord in the midst of a battle between the Tyrant of the North Wind and the Lord. She didn’t realise the great distance between them until she released an arrow.

Amos, a hunter, was the first person to hunt boars using the bow that became known as Amos’ Bow. It was her go-to tool for taking down prey. She later employed this very bow in her valiant attempt to overthrow Decarabian, the God of Storms. The mighty deity Decarabian brought chaos and disaster. She aimed to destroy the powerful god and put an end to the destruction he wreaked with the force and accuracy of Amos’ Bow. It was a key turning point when the bow proved instrumental to her risky operation against the Decarabian.

Stats of The Amos Bow: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Amos’ Bow is a wonderful weapon. It is a bow with a lot of strength and meaning. With a base attack of 46, the bow itself is fairly powerful. It is regarded as a top-tier weapon with a rarity rating of.

The bonus effect of Amos’ Bow, which boosts attack power by an additional 10.8%, is one of its distinctive characteristics. This implies that the user will have a more potent offensive during combat. The bow is related with a skill known as “Strong-Willed.” The damage of untargeted shots and standard assaults is increased by 18% with this talent. Furthermore, the damage of the bow rises by 12% for each 0.1 seconds that an arrow is in flight. This impact may compound up to five times.

How to Get The Amos Bow: Genshin Impact

By using the Wanderlust Invocation Standard Wish Banner and the Epitome Invocation Weapon Wish Banner at their regular rates, you can obtain Amos’ Bow! The Wish Banner for the Character Event does not have Amos’ Bow.

Phase 2 of Version 3.6, from May 2, 2023 to May 23, 2023, also included Amos’ Bow and Jadefall’s Splendour in the Epitome Invocation Wish Banner.

Best Characters to Use Amos Bow with in Genshin Impact

There are a few suggested candidates if you’re seeking for the ideal characters to use with the Amos Bow in Genshin Impact. The characters Fischl, Tartaglia, Ganyu, Yoimiya, and Tighnari are all recommended.

The Amos Bow’s abilities can be used by these characters to great advantage in battle. It’s crucial to keep in mind that while these individuals are suggested, each character may not always have the greatest weapon for the situation. It’s always a good idea to take each character’s unique skills and preferred playing style into account when deciding on the best weapon to unleash their full potential.

To Wrap it all Up

The Amos Bow is a unique weapon in the game, renowned for its powerful antiquity that endures even after the absence of its original bearer. The further one gets from their genuine aspirations, the more power this 5-Star rare bow draws from the force of the world.

The Amos Bow can be obtained in a number of ways, including events and wishes. It has an important past since a lady once used it to take on a strong deity and put a stop to turmoil. With a base attack of 46 and a bonus effect that boosts attack power by 10.8%, the bow has outstanding numbers. Its skill, “Strong-Willed,” increases the damage from unaimed and aimed shots while adding more damage for every second an arrow is in play.


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