Tales of Winter Genshin Impact – Complete Quest Walkthrough

Tales of Winter Genshin: The action-packed video game Genshin Impact is set in Teyvat, a huge and fantastical universe. In the game, players use a variety of characters with unique powers to battle foes, explore new areas, and complete tasks. Players can work together and play cooperatively in this game, which combines action, adventure, and role-playing components.

Genshin Impact provides gamers of all ages with a fun experience because to its amazing aesthetics, compelling plot, and varied gameplay possibilities.

Tales of Winter: Genshin Impact – Telling it How it is

In Genshin Impact, Tales of Winter is a Commission Quest. The Adventurer’s Guild assigns these quick missions. The Adventurers’ Guild will give players 4 commissions each day. Once they finish all 4, players can obtain bonus benefits from the Guild. Players will receive rewards for completing each.

A Fatui member named Viktor is looking for more members for their cause in Mondstadt. This offers a potential chance to look into and learn more about the Fatui’s motivations.

Rewards for Tales of Winter: Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, the incentives for fulfilling commissions differ according to the player’s Adventure Rank. Primogems, Adventure EXP, Mora (the virtual money used in the game), Companionship EXP, Fine Enhancement Ore, and Mystic Enhancement Ore are all part of the prizes.

Players should visit the guild once all four commissions have been completed in order to obtain additional bonus goodies. These might contain incentives that differ according to Adventure Rank, such 2,000 Mora.

How to Complete the Quest – Tales of Winter: Genshin Impact

It is not guaranteed that you will complete the “Tales of Winter” quest and achievement in Genshin Impact. Since it is a commission quest, there is no way to guarantee that it will appear because its availability is randomised. Setting your commission region to Mondstadt and constantly completing daily commissions is the suggested course of action. The prizes, which include 5 Primogems as payment for completing the quest, can be claimed from the Achievement Tab once you have successfully completed the achievement.

Location of Tales of Winter: Genshin Impact

You may find the “Tales of Winter” quest in Genshin Impact. You must visit the Favonius Cathedral in the city of Mondstadt in order to start this quest. It serves as the quest’s beginning point.

You can interact with the quest giver or follow the quest markers to continue with the “Tales of Winter” quest once you reach the Favonius Cathedral. You may need to return to the Favonius Cathedral on different days to determine if the quest is now active because commission quests rotate at random, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind.

Quest Walkthrough – Tales of Winter: Genshin Impact

Viktor in Genshin Impact’s “Tales of Winter” quest will present you with a number of options when you speak with him. You must successfully complete all three of Viktor’s assignments in order to receive the achievement linked to this quest. Collecting plunder from Mitachurls, Treasure Hoarders, and Ruin Guards is one of these duties.

You must locate and collect particular materials from these opponents for each job. You must perform this quest at least three times, once for each task, in order to successfully accomplish them all in order to complete the quest and receive the achievement.

Mission Walkthrough in Simple Steps – Tales of Winter: Genshin Impact

Here are the simple steps for completing Viktor’s tasks in the “Tales of Winter” quest in Genshin Impact:

  1. Talk to Viktor: Speak with Viktor to initiate the quest.
  2. Choose the Tasks: Viktor will present you with different options for tasks. Select all three tasks to complete.
  3. Collect Mitachurl Loot: Locate Mitachurls in the game and defeat them to collect their loot. These are specific materials needed for one of the tasks.
  4. Collect Treasure Hoarder Loot: Find Treasure Hoarders and defeat them to obtain their loot. These materials are required for another task.
  5. Collect Ruin Guard Loot: Encounter Ruin Guards and defeat them to gather their loot. These materials are necessary for the final task.
  6. Repeat the Quest: Since each task requires separate materials, you need to perform the quest at least three times, completing each task on a different run.
  7. Complete all Tasks: Make sure to successfully complete all three tasks in separate runs of the quest.
  8. Claim the Achievement: Once you have finished all three tasks, you can claim the achievement related to the “Tales of Winter” quest from the game’s Achievement Tab.

To Wrap it all Up

The “Tales of Winter” quest from Genshin Impact provides players with an enjoyable and gratifying journey across the expansive Teyvat universe. For players of all ages, the game blends action, adventure, and role-playing components to provide an entertaining and varied gameplay experience. Players receive various rewards dependent on their Adventure Rank for completing commissions from the Adventurers’ Guild, such as the “Tales of Winter” quest, including Primogems, Adventure EXP, Mora, and improvement materials.

Players can finish the quest and earn the related achievement by following the quest guide and accomplishing Viktor’s duties. Genshin Impact continues to enthral gamers and provide unforgettable gaming experiences because to its captivating plot, captivating universe, and engaging gameplay mechanics.


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