How to Get Whiteblind: Genshin Impact – Stats, Skills & More

The well-known action role-playing game Genshin Impact, created by miHoYo, provides players with a large selection of awesome and potent weaponry to improve their gaming experience. Every sort of weapon in Genshin Impact, from swords and bows to polearms and catalysts, has its own special traits and skills. These weapons not only give fighting mechanics more nuance, but they also let players alter their playstyle and perfect the makeup of their teams.

A wide variety of weaponry can be found and acquired by players as they go through the magical world of Teyvat. Each weapon has a unique rarity, base attack, and special effects that can have a significant impact on the amount of damage done and potency of a character’s abilities.

Whiteblind in Genshin Impact

The Whiteblind is a unique sword that stands out from the crowd. It is distinct in that one part of the blade is not sharp. This sword came from other regions and was brought to the Liyue region by traders. It is a powerful weapon, but its actual power can only be unleashed by someone who knows how to use it properly.

The Whiteblind is not your average sword. It is a Claymore, a sort of weapon famed for its heavy and devastating hits. What makes the Whiteblind even more unique is that it may be manufactured in-game by talented craftsmen. This means that players can collect the required components and make their own.

Ancient History of Whiteblind in Genshin Impact

A magnificent greatsword is meticulously made in the busy city of Liyue. It has a unique characteristic in that one side of the blade is deliberately left blunt, acting as the hilt for the wielder to swap forms during fight. The story behind the construction of this greatsword tells of a foreign bladesmith who doubted his own intelligence yet dedicated himself to developing the blade.

The bladesmith waited for his lover’s return from war, working tirelessly and recasting the sword countless times. However, upon her arrival, he learned she no longer required a sword and instead presented him with a hunting bow. Despite his initial disappointment, the bladesmith’s efforts were not in vain because he had crafted an outstanding blade of the highest quality.

How to Get/Forge The Whiteblind in Genshin Impact

You’ll need some specific materials and a recipe to manufacture the Whiteblind sword in Genshin Impact. The first item required is the Northlander Claymore Billet, which is an uncommon item. To make the Whiteblind, you’ll need one of these billets.

Whiteblind Genshin

You will also require a variety of other items in addition to the claymore billet. Crystal Chunks and White Iron Chunks are two minerals discovered in the game universe. Each of these chunks will require 50 pieces.

Finally, you’ll need to spend some Mora, the in-game cash. The Mora necessary to forge the Whiteblind is 500.

Finding a Blacksmith for The Whiteblind in Genshin Impact

Once you’ve obtained all of the necessary ingredients, you can take them to a blacksmith in the game and use the Whiteblind forging recipe. The blacksmith will then create the weapon for you using the materials and the recipe.

It’s worth noting that forging the Whiteblind takes time and work, but the end result is a strong weapon that can substantially improve your battle abilities.

All Recommended Characters for Whiteblind in Genshin Impact

Whiteblind is an excellent weapon for a variety of characters, including Noelle, Xinyan, and Itto. It is especially suited for Arataki Itto, whose Burst ATK bonus scales with DEF and is boosted by the Whiteblind’s passive ability. Itto can considerably benefit from the weapon’s Passive, particularly during his Arataki Kesagiri Charged Attacks. Overall, Whiteblind is an excellent choice for F2P players who want to maximise the potential of their characters.

To Wrap it all Up

Genshin Impact includes a plethora of powerful weapons that improve the gameplay experience. The Whiteblind, a one-of-a-kind sword with one side left blunt, is a game-changing weapon. It can be obtained by the use of specified resources, such as the rare Northlander Claymore Billet, Crystal Chunks, White Iron Chunks, and Mora. The narrative of the Whiteblind tells the commitment of a foreign bladesmith who toiled diligently to construct the ultimate blade for the return of his lover from war. Though the conclusion was not what he had hoped for, his efforts yielded a blade of extraordinary quality. The Whiteblind is ideal for characters like Noelle, Xinyan, and notably Arataki Itto, who benefits tremendously from the weapon’s DEF-scaling Burst ATK bonus and passive ability.


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