How to Get Rust Bow Genshin Impact – Locations, Complete Guide

Players can use a variety of weaponry to aid them in their adventures as they explore huge regions and face tough adversaries. Genshin Impact has a wide variety of weapon types, such as swords, arrows, polearms, catalysts, and claymores, each with their own distinct playstyle and powers.

Weapons can be obtained through gacha pulls, crafting, or missions, and they can be improved further through refining and ascension. Each weapon has unique stats, elemental qualities, and bonuses that can have a significant impact on a character’s fighting ability.

Rust Bow in Genshin Impact

Rust is a bow in Genshin Impact recognised for its distinct appearance and abilities. It’s an antique, worn iron greatbow that has rusted completely over time. This bow is so heavy and worn out that even the ordinary person would struggle to raise it, let alone use it to shoot arrows.

Rust, despite its rusted and worn-out appearance, holds a particular power that makes it a formidable weapon in the hands of those with sufficient strength and expertise. This bow is known in the Liyue region of the game as “Gong Cang,” which translates to “Bow is Put Away” in Chinese. It is a prized weapon in Liyue, with historical and cultural value.

Background History of Rust Bow in Genshin Impact

There was once a famous archer who possessed a magnificent bow. He attacked beasts and bandits with this bow, effortlessly cutting them down like a gust of wind through silvergrass. His bowstring resounded like thunder, and his arrows sparkled like iron rain in the sun as he polished his archery abilities.

The archer had a startling realisation in his final years. He felt that true expertise in archery was found in sparing the arrow, just as true depth in discourse is found in reserving words. He never mentioned the arrows he shot or the creatures he fought with his iron bow after that.

He decided to bury his bow and live as a hermit in the hills. Every night during his existence, a bright purple light is supposed to have emerged from his abode, keeping nasty animals at away. When he died, a storm raged around him, and a bolt of lightning flew up into the sky, glowing as brightly as the stars in the galaxy.

Stats of The Rust Bow in Genshin Impact

The Rust Bow is a 4-star weapon in Genshin Impact that is classified as a bow. At level 90, its base attack increases to 510, with a bonus stat of ATK 41.3%. In terms of rating, it is thought to have great DPS (damage per second) potential, but it lacks particular support abilities.

Rust Bow Genshin Impact

How to Get The Rust Bow in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, players have a several possibilities for obtaining the Rust Bow. Making wishes on banners such as Caution in Confidence, Leaves in the Wind, Wanderlust Invocation, or Epitome Invocation is one method. Except for the Beginner’s Wish banner, the Rust Bow can be earned through these banners.

Furthermore, the Rust Bow was a featured 4-star weapon in the Epitome Invocation banner during Phase 1 of Version 3.7, which ran from May 24, 2023 to June 13, 2023. During this time, players had the opportunity to obtain it.

Best Characters for The Rust Bow in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, the Rust Bow is a versatile weapon that is useful to a variety of characters. Among those suggested to use the Rust Bow are Fischl, Tartaglia, Yoimiya, and Aloy. Fischl, an Electro character, may use her Oz summon to do devastating Electro damage because to the bow’s strong base attack and ATK boost. Tartaglia, a Hydro character, may harness the raw strength of the Rust Bow to boost his ranged Hydro strikes and easily defeat adversaries.

Yoimiya, a Pyro, can use the bow’s ATK bonus to amp up her fire arrows and unleash fiery explosions. Finally, Aloy, the Horizon Zero Dawn crossover heroine, may use the Rust Bow’s strength to enhance her precision and ranged prowess. It’s crucial to note that, while the Rust Bow is a good choice for certain characters, their ideal weaponry will vary depending on their playstyle and team composition.

To Wrap it all Up

Players can equip a variety of weaponry to enhance their gameplay experience. The Rust Bow is a unique bow in the game, distinguished by its old and rusted appearance. Despite its weight and degeneration, the Rust Bow has incredible power in the hands of individuals with strength and knowledge.

It is significant historically and culturally in the Liyue region, where it is known as “Gong Cang.” A great archer once grasped the bow and opted to spare his arrows, finding depth in stillness. The Rust Bow can be earned by a variety of techniques, including making particular banner requests. It is appropriate for characters such as Fischl, Tartaglia, Yoimiya, and Aloy.


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