Hilichurl Shooter Genshin Impact – Location, Tips & Complete Guide

In the universe of Genshin Impact, players can uncover and obtain a variety of masks that give their characters unique looks and perks. Masks have both ornamental and utilitarian uses, increasing the characters’ appearance and skills. Each mask has its own distinct style and attributes, allowing gamers to personalise their heroes and reflect their unique personalities. Some masks boost defence or elemental resistance, while others boost specific talents or traits.

These masks can be obtained through a variety of in-game activities, such as quests, events, or as a prize for achieving specific objectives. Masks can also be created or purchased from in-game merchants. With a large number of masks available, players can construct their ideal look and optimise their characters’ combat effectiveness. Masks in Genshin Impact provide an interesting way to personalise and enhance the gameplay experience, whether for fashion or functionality.

Hilichurl Shooter in Genshin Impact

Hilichurl Shooters are members of the Hilichurl Tribe in Genshin Impact. They are Hilichurls who attack from a distance with wooden crossbows. These archers are adept at shooting many arrows at once, making them extremely hazardous. To avoid taking damage from Hilichurl Shooters, players must be alert and dodge their assaults. Players can earn important items and resources by defeating them.

Hilichurl Shooters can be found in Genshin Impact predominantly on archers’ towers within Hilichurl camps or with Abyss Mages. They frequently congregate in these regions and strike from a distance. Hilichurl Shooters drop precious resources such as Weathered Arrowheads and Ominous Masks, therefore it’s critical for players to find and fight them.

These items can be used to manufacture and upgrade weapons and character abilities. Players can collect these materials by defeating Hilichurl Shooters and enhancing their arsenal for stronger battles and challenges in the game. Keep a watch out for these archers and hunt them down to collect the resources they drop.

Location of Hilichurl Shooters in Liyue – Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, players can face and destroy a total of 44 Hilichurl Shooters while traversing the wide plains of Qiongji Estuary. These archers may be found all around the countryside, perched atop structures and towers, ready to unleash their arrows on any unwary travellers.

Combat with these Hilichurl Shooters provides explorers with the opportunity to earn precious resources. Weathered Arrowheads and Ominous Masks can be obtained as rewards for triumphs, depending on the level of the enemy. These items are required for making and upgrading various weapons and skills, allowing players to improve their fighting abilities.

Travelling to Minlin is good for players looking for Weathered Arrowheads and Ominous Masks because they can defeat up to 47 Hilichurl Shooters in the region. Passing through Qingyun Peak, Nantianmen, Tianqiu Valley, and Cuijue Slope will take players to more than 30 Hilichurl Shooters sites in Genshin Impact.

Location of Hilichurl Shooters in Monstdat – Genshin Impact

Galesong Hill is home to 16 Hilichurl Shooters. There are nine Hilichurls distributed near Windrise, and seven Hilichurls in the southern half of Dadaupa Gorge.

Brightcrown Mountains is an area in Genshin Impact that is home to 25 Hilichurl Shooters. These archers are frequently seen in Stormterror’s Lair, an important region within the Brightcrown Mountains. This perilous lair is guarded by the terrifying dragon Stormterror.

As players enter Stormterror’s Lair, they will meet several Hilichurl Shooters carefully placed across the area. These archers use their wooden crossbows to shower arrows from afar on unsuspecting travellers. Their Multishot ability allows them to fire a barrage of five arrows at the same time, making them a dangerous foe.

To Wrap it all Up

Hilichurl Shooters are formidable long-range archers in Genshin Impact who may be found in a variety of locations such as Qiongji Estuary and Brightcrown Mountains. Defeating them grants precious resources such as Weathered Arrowheads and Ominous Masks, both of which are required for creating and upgrading weapons and abilities. With 44 Shooters in Qiongji Estuary and a noticeable presence in Stormterror’s Lair, players must be cautious and avoid their Multishot attacks. Combat with Hilichurl Shooters provides opportunity to enhance characters and prepare for future challenges in Genshin Impact’s vast environment. Find them and take the prizes they provide.


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