Ruin Drake Genshin Impact – All Locations & Guide

Ruin Drake Genshin: The Genshin Impact is a game with numerous thrilling and enjoyable weapons. Each weapon has unique skills and powers. The Skyward Harp, for example, is a bow that improves critical damage and attack speed, making it ideal for archers. The Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a spellcaster-friendly catalyst that increases elemental damage and movement speed.

The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is a polearm that deals more damage and has a higher critical hit rate. The Wolf’s Gravestone is a type of claymore that increases attack power. These weapons not only offer excitement to battles, but also variation to the gameplay. Players can select the weapon that best suits their playstyle and have fun exploring the game’s universe with their strong and one-of-a-kind weapons.

Ruin Drake in Genshin Impact

There are powerful opponents known as Automatons in Genshin Impact, such as the Ruin Guard, Ruin Grader, Ruin Sentinels, and Ruin Drake. These Elite Enemies are difficult to overcome, yet they offer valuable prizes. This tutorial will assist you in finding Ruin Drake areas and farming them for loot. It tells you where to find Ruin Drakes in Genshin Impact and recommends the best paths to take.

Locations of Ruin Drake in Genshin Impact

Ruin Drakes are deadly foes in Genshin Impact, however they do not appear in the territories of Inazuma, Liyue, or Mondstadt. Instead, they arise when the Sumeru region becomes accessible. As a result, compared to other places, the quantity of Ruin Drakes on the map is rather low. Players exploring these places should keep in mind that Ruin Drakes are unique to Sumeru and will not be found in previously visited areas.

While travelling to a new zone may be required, facing fight against Ruin Drakes can be an exciting challenge for players who have progressed to the point of unlocking Sumeru. Their distinct powers and hefty rewards make them an appealing target for adventurers looking for fresh encounters and precious loot.

Dharma Forest – Ruin Drake in Genshin Impact

Seven Ruin Drakes may be found in the northern half of Sumeru’s Dharma Forest in Genshin Impact. Because they are above ground and visible, these formidable foes are easily identified. A certain route can be taken to efficiently farm Ruin Drakes. Players should go south after fighting the first wave of Ruin Drakes in the northern half of the Dharma Forest.

They will come across more Ruin Drakes near Devantaka Mountain and the Ruins of Dahri. More of these automatons can be found in various regions, giving players more chances to battle and defeat them. Players can participate in thrilling combat with Ruin Drakes and acquire rich rewards by pursuing this farming method.

Underground – Ruin Drake in Genshin Impact

There are four Ruin Drakes can be discovered underground in Genshin Impact. To get access to one of them, which is located north of Pardis Dhyai, players must first finish the Legend of the Stone Lock quest and then drain the water from the cave by breaking all Stone Pillar Seals. However, because there is only one Ruin Drake in this place, it may not be worth the effort if you want to combat more adversaries.

Ruin Drakes, on the other hand, can be found in the Ruins of Dahri by entering the underground entrance at the specified spot (X) in the centre of the region. Continue below until you reach the Grove of Dreams. Three Ruin Drakes can be found here. Glide down to a collection of Crystal Chunks to uncover the first Ruin Drake. When you defeat this foe, a second Ruin Drake will appear. Then, proceed southeast to meet another Ruin Drake and two Ruin Sentinels.

To Wrap it all Up

Genshin Impact provides a diverse range of thrilling and entertaining weaponry, each with its own set of characteristics and powers. Players have a wide selection of tools to improve their battles and gameplay experience, from bows like the Skyward Harp to catalysts like the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds. The Ruin Drake is a powerful Elite Enemy that can be encountered in select locations. They are not found in Inazuma, Liyue, or Mondstadt, but they become available when exploring the Sumeru region. It’s worth noting that Ruin Drakes are unique to Sumeru and cannot be discovered in previously explored locations.

Exploring the Dharma Forest in Sumeru allows you to see seven Ruin Drakes above ground. In addition, four Ruin Drakes can be located underground, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. Players can plan their agricultural routes and locations in order to defeat these tough opponents and gather precious rewards. The thrill of battling Ruin Drakes adds a thrilling element to the game, inviting adventurers to further explore Genshin Impact’s huge environment.


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