Blizzard Strayer Genshin Impact – Location, Artifact Set

Blizzard Strayer Set Genshin: Artefacts are special objects in the game Genshin Impact that you can present to your characters. These artefacts are sold in sets, therefore you must gather many pieces from the same set to receive additional bonuses. Each artefact set has a different theme and bestows extraordinary powers or increases specific attributes on your character.

These sets are created to complement various playstyles and aspects, so you can select the ones that best suit your characters and playing style. They can help your characters become stronger, inflict more damage, or protect themselves better in battle. So, by collecting and equipping artefact sets, you can increase the power and effectiveness of your characters in the game.

The Artifact Set: Blizzard Strayer in Genshin Impact

Blizzard Strayer is a unique group of artefacts found in the game Genshin Impact. These artefacts are classified as 4-star or 5-star, indicating their level of potency and rarity. To earn the Blizzard Strayer set, you must travel to the Peak of Vindagnyr.

These powerful artefacts can be found in a snowy and chilly location. When you collect and equip the Blizzard Strayer set on your characters, they earn exceptional ice and cold-related perks. These advantages might help your heroes become more powerful when performing ice-based skills or fighting adversaries in frigid locations. So, if you wish to boost your characters’ ice abilities, the Blizzard Strayer set is an excellent option to pursue in your adventures.

Where is The Artifact Set: Blizzard Strayer in Genshin Impact

The Blizzard Strayer is a unique set of artefacts in Genshin Impact. These artefacts are powerful riches that can enhance your characters’ powers. The Blizzard Strayer set is recognised for its ice-related perks, making it ideal for ice-powered characters.

You must travel to the Peak of Vindagnyr to find these artefacts. It’s a freezing and icy setting where you can explore and learn about the Blizzard Strayer artefacts. Once you’ve gathered these artefacts, you may equip them to your heroes and take advantage of their improved ice skills in battles and adventures. So, go to the Peak of Vindagnyr and find the fantastic Blizzard Strayer set to strengthen your characters in Genshin Impact.

Getting The Artifact Set: Blizzard Strayer Artifact in Genshin Impact

You must visit the Peak of Vindagnyr to earn the powerful Blizzard Strayer artefact set in Genshin Impact. This is the unique location where the artefacts from this set can be found. Unfortunately, the Blizzard Strayer set cannot be obtained by fighting standard adversaries in the game.

Instead, you must explore the Peak of Vindagnyr and fulfil unique challenges inside the realms there. By completing these challenges successfully, you will have a chance to obtain the components of the Blizzard Strayer artefact set, which will enhance your characters’ abilities with ice-related advantages. So, go to Vindagnyr’s Peak and conquer the kingdoms to obtain the strong Blizzard Strayer artefacts in Genshin Impact.

In-Game Setup of The Artifact Set: Blizzard Strayer in Genshin Impact

Players can receive a 4-star Broken Rime’s Echo in Genshin Impact by chatting with Stevens. It is crucial to note that the 4-piece set bonus of this artefact set cannot be snapshot, which means that the CRIT Rate increase is applied instantly on hits.

The bonus, however, does not apply to the hit that imparts Frozen status. Hits that cause a reaction to remove the Cryo/Freeze aura retain the CRIT Rate boost. Targets must be immobilised by the Frozen reaction to be deemed “being Frozen” for the 4-piece set bonus. Hitting targets impacted by other types of Frozen auras only grants a 20% CRIT Rate bonus rather than the full 40%.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the bonus only applies to the wearer of the artifact set, not to other characters.

In Conclusion

The Blizzard Strayer artefact found in Genshin Impact provides players with a significant boost to their ice-related abilities. This set, found in the Peak of Vindagnyr, delivers unique bonuses that improve the gameplay experience. Players must explore the snowy location and complete challenges within the domains to obtain the artefacts.

With the exception of the hit that causes Frozen state, equipping the Blizzard Strayer set increases the CRIT Rate of hits. To receive the full 4-piece set bonus, targets must be immobilised by the Frozen reaction. It’s worth noting that the boost only applies to the wearer of the artefact set, not to other characters. In the fascinating world of Genshin Impact, mastering the Blizzard Strayer set unlocks the full power of ice-based skills.


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