Consumed by Pride: Diablo 4 – Quest Walkthrough & Complete Guide

Diablo 4 allows players to embark on a variety of enjoyable tasks that add depth and excitement to the game. These quests give gamers with compelling tales, challenging objectives, and rewarding experiences. Diablo 4 offers a variety of objectives that appeal to different playstyles and interests, ranging from huge boss confrontations to thrilling dungeon expeditions.

In Diablo 4, quests frequently entail unearthing ancient secrets, facing formidable foes, and gathering precious gear and treasures. Players can meet interesting characters, engage in exciting dialogues, and make important decisions that influence the result of their journeys. Each adventure has its own set of obstacles, riddles, and surprises to keep players interested and engrossed in the game environment.

Consumed by Pride in Diablo 4

“Consumed by Pride” is a compelling Diablo 4 side quest that adds an intriguing element to the game’s plot. Players will embark on a journey to confront the evil powers of pride that have destroyed a once noble character. As Sanctuary’s heroes, players must solve the mysteries surrounding this pride-infested individual and discover a means to restore equilibrium.

The quest begins with a worried NPC telling the terrible story of their loved one, a previously respected member of their community who has succumbed to the all-powerful power of pride. The NPC begs the player’s assistance in releasing their friend from the confines of this terrible emotion.

Walkthrough of Consumed by Pride in Diablo 4

To begin, players should travel to the Crane Tribe in the Dry Steppes. The tribe’s camp is located in the northern portion of the Untamed Scarps. If the bandits in that region have been defeated, teleporting to the Onyx Watchtower Waypoint is the quickest path to the camp.

When players arrive at the camp, they should meet with Ealda, who will detail the damage done by neighbouring cannibal tribes. Ealda will then charge you with discovering the missing Crane Tribe members who are somewhere in the broad plains.

The quest region will be highlighted in blue on the minimap, but the precise position of the missing tribesmen will not be revealed unless discovered.

Heading Ahead – Consumed by Pride: Diablo 4

Climb up the tiny outcrop with the worn-out waggon and tent in the centre of the area. Interact with the corpse discovered there, which will summon two hostile barbarians. Defeat them and inform Ealda of the tragic event.

Back at the Crane Tribe’s Hutmoot, players will see Ealda confronting a cannibalistic barbarian. Ealda is enraged by the accused’s protestations of honour and dismisses him by kicking him off a cliff. Speak with Ealda to finish the task and earn gold, XP, leather, and Renown XP for the Dry Steppes.

The Crane Tribe is derived from Nihlathak, an elder from Harrogath who betrayed his own people during the events of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, according to Ealda. As a result of Nihlathak’s treachery, the remaining Crane Tribe members were shunned by other barbarian clans. They have had to fend for themselves since Mount Arreat fell to Baal and his troops.

The “Consumed by Pride” quest chain is unlocked after completing the “Fury Against Fate” quest chain.

In Conclusion

Diablo 4 has a wide variety of interesting tasks, including the intriguing side quest “Consumed by Pride.” These quests add to the immersive storyline by providing difficult objectives and pleasant rewards. Each adventure in the game gives players with new difficulties and opportunities to explore and make important decisions.

The quest “Consumed by Pride” dives on the issue of pride and its destructive impact. Players must help the Crane Tribe in the Dry Steppes by identifying lost individuals and dealing with the consequences of pride within their community. The mission transports players to several locations, putting them through combat confrontations and revealing the implications of the character’s pride.

Completing “Consumed by Pride” not only grants players gold, XP, and resources, but it also unlocks the following missions in the “Fury Against Fate” quest chain. These quests contribute to the story by introducing new difficulties and rewards.


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