Closing the Book Diablo 4 – Complete Quest Walkthrough

In Diablo 4, players can go on a wide range of quests that enhance the gameplay experience and add to the game’s rich narrative. These quests have interesting tales, difficult objectives, and satisfying outcomes. Diablo 4 offers a broad assortment of tasks to appeal to different playstyles and interests, from huge main quests that drive the overarching narrative to intriguing side quests that dig into the lives of distinct individuals.

Diablo 4 quests frequently entail exploring dangerous dungeons, facing terrible monsters, solving complicated puzzles, and unravelling ancient mysteries. Players will meet fascinating NPCs, have important conversations, and make decisions that will affect the end of their adventures. Each adventure is intended to immerse players in Sanctuary’s dark and mysterious setting.

Closing the Book in Diablo 4

Closing the Book is a Diablo 4 side quest set in the Hawezar zone, specifically in the Dismal Foothills. Elder Akos, who can be found in the starting site, gives the mission. The quest’s goal is to collect ledger sheets spread across the area. Players will unlock Closing the Book and gain access to a set of mission goals by locating these pages.

Completing the task will grant you Renown, experience points (EXP), gold, and a salvage cache. To finish this quest successfully, players should follow a thorough walkthrough that will lead them through each step and ensure they receive all of the rewards.

Closing the Book in Diablo 4 – Complete Quest Walkthrough

To begin, players must clear the Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold in the Dismal Foothills. It’s close to the boundary between Hawezar and the Fractured Peaks. Players should ride northeast of Wejinhani until they reach the burnt woodland, which signals the presence of Eriman’s Pyre.

Inside the stronghold, players must combat the demons that plague the area in order to free the spirits of deceased townspeople. They can begin the fight by communicating with the Spirit of the Pyre in the village centre.

The next goal is to gather the remains of the slain villagers. These corpses are marked by demonic power beams and are guarded by groups of Fallen adversaries as well as some elites.

After Collecting All The Corpses – Closing the Book in Diablo 4

After collecting all of the corpses, players must extinguish Eriman’s Pyre to initiate a battle against Duz’Agur, also known as Eriman’s Bane. This boss is a formidable wraith-type foe with lethal strikes. To defeat it, players should stay behind it to escape its projectiles and progressively lower its health.

After completing Eriman’s Pyre, players will return to the location for the Closing the Book sidequest in order to locate missing pages. They should ride back to the village or use an open portal to acquire the ledger pages marked on the map. Finally, players should return to Elder Akos to finish the side mission and earn XP, gold, Renown, and a Salvage Cache with upgrade materials.

Walkthrough of The Quest in Simple Easy Steps

Here is a complete list of all the quest objectives:

  1. Travel to Eriman’s Pyre with Elder Akos: After speaking with Elder Akos, players must travel together to the centre of Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold.
  2. Interact with Elder Akos: Interact with Elder Akos and have a conversation with him.
  3. Collect the ledger pages: Players must look for and collect four Smouldering Tomes scattered around Eriman’s Pyre. The ledger pages will be contained in these tomes.
  4. Speak with Elder Akos: Return to Wejinhani and look for Elder Akos. Speak with him to finish the task as well as the Desperate Remedies quest-chain.
  5. By completing these objectives, players will be able to complete the Closing the Book quest and the related quest-chain.

To Wrap it all Up

Closing the Book is an enthralling Diablo 4 side mission that sends players on a quest to collect ledger pages in the Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold. Players can clear the fortress, gather the pages, and kill the powerful boss Duz’Agur by following a detailed quest guide.

The quest grants experience points, gold, Renown, and a Salvage Cache with valuable upgrade materials. Diablo 4 has a number of quests that add to the immersive and compelling gameplay experience by allowing players to dive deeper into the world of Sanctuary and discover its secrets. Quests such as Closing the Book add depth and excitement to the overall experience.


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