Fatui Mirror Maiden Genshin Impact – Location, How to Get & Complete Guide

Each enemy type, from towering bosses to hordes of minor foes, has its own set of skills and combat methods. Players will battle elemental monsters such as slimes and hilichurls, as well as strong opponents such as abyss magicians and treasure hoarders, as well as powerful bosses that guard valuable rewards. To overcome their strengths and exploit their vulnerabilities, each adversary type requires a unique set of strategies and elemental combinations.

As the game progresses, players will face increasingly difficult opponents, putting their abilities and teamwork to the test. Defeating these foes not only ensures growth, but also provides players with precious treasure and resources to help them improve their characters and abilities.

Fatui Mirror Maiden in Genshin Impact

Fatui Mirror Maidens are a new sort of Fatui organisation adversary in Genshin Impact. They do not drop Fatui Insignias, unlike other Fatui agents. Instead, beating them grants players magical prisms of varying degrees, which are required to advance specific weapons.

The majority of Mirror Maidens can be found in Inazuma, however they can also be found elsewhere. This article contains information about their locations, how to get there, and farming routes for weapon ascension drops. It’s critical to fight these Mirror Maidens in order to collect the materials needed for weapon upgrades and modifications.

Abilities of Fatui Mirror Maiden in Genshin Impact

The majority of the Mirror Maiden attack names in Genshin Impact are unofficial. Players frequently use these names to describe the Mirror Maidens’ various attacks and powers. Players can see higher-quality versions of the attacks by hovering over the attack previews.

The Mirror Maidens have a wide range of attacks and abilities. When hit by specific strikes, they can grant the player the Refraction state, leading the Mirror Maiden to enter the Polarisation State. The Mirror Maiden receives greater Interruption Resistance and employs stronger strikes in this state.

Mirror Portal, in which the Mirror Maiden vanishes and reappears in a mirror; Influx Blast, in which water wheels are summoned to deal Hydro damage and impose Refraction status; and Explosive Splash, which occurs when the player assaults the Mirror Maiden at melee range. Ripple Rain, a special attack used in the Polarisation state; Mirror Cage, which traps the player inside temporary mirror shards; and Rippled Reflection, a combination of orbiting Hydro bullets, laser reflections, and a burst of water.

Fatui Mirror Maiden Locations in Inazuma – Genshin Impact

The majority of Mirror Maidens in Genshin Impact may be found in the Inazuma region, particularly in areas where the Fatui are active, such as the Mikage Furnace. They can, however, be found in other places. Here’s a map of where they are:

Seirai Island has seven Mirror Maidens that reappear every so often. Players can encounter six of them by following a clockwise path from the teleport waypoint north of Seiraimaru. They can be found near the shipwreck, in the hills to the east, along the way to Koseki Village, on the northern beach, and at the foot of Amakumo Peak.

Narukami Island – Inazuma City: A solitary Mirror Maiden can be found on a sandbar-like island east of Inazuma City.

Fatui Mirror Maiden Locations in Liyue – Genshin Impact

There aren’t many Mirror Maidens in Liyue because they were added after the major part of the region. However, a few Mirror Maidens can be found in the Chasm area, which was introduced later. There is a Fatui camp on the surface of the Chasm, near the Chasm’s Maw, where a Mirror Maiden can be found.

There are two Mirror Maidens that respawn in the Chasm’s underground section. One may be found by ascending the stairs at the teleport waypoint, and the other by gliding southeast from the teleport waypoint. These Mirror Maidens provide gamers the chance to beat them and earn rewards.

To Wrap it all Up

Players in Genshin Impact will face a diverse range of adversaries, each with their own set of talents and battle methods. These opponents, ranging from elemental monsters to strong bosses, present difficulties that demand players to modify their strategies and use elemental combinations efficiently. The Fatui Mirror Maiden, a recent addition to the Fatui faction, is one such adversary type. Mirror Maidens, unlike other Fatui agents, drop magical prisms rather than Fatui Insignias, which are utilised for weapon ascension.

The majority of Mirror Maidens may be found in Inazuma, however they can also be found in other areas. Understanding their powers and where they may be found is critical for gathering precious resources and improving weaponry. By fighting these adversaries, players can gain strength and learn more about the universe of Genshin Impact.


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