Returning Curios: Genshin Impact – World Quest Walkthrough

Players in Genshin Impact can embark on a wide range of quests that provide fascinating adventures and rewarding encounters. These quests span from important story quests to secondary quests that explore deeper into the world and its inhabitants. Some quests may necessitate players solving riddles, defeating formidable creatures, exploring hidden regions, or assisting NPCs with their objectives.

Players will discover secrets, gain significant rewards, and grow their characters along the way. The quests in Genshin Impact provide a unique and exciting gameplay experience for players to immerse themselves in the lively world of Teyvat, whether it’s investigating the mysteries of the ancient ruins or supporting people with their troubles.

Returning Curios in Genshin Impact

“Returning Curios” is an exciting Event Quest that takes place in Genshin Impact during the Secret Summer Paradise Event. Players are tasked with collecting and restoring misplaced curios to their respective owners as part of the event. These curios are dispersed throughout the event location, giving the mission a scavenger hunt feel. To find the lost curios, players must explore various locales, engage with NPCs, and follow clues.

Each curio has its own distinct story and meaning, allowing players to gain insights into the planet and its inhabitants. By successfully returning the curios, players not only gain event benefits but also contribute to the Secret Summer Paradise’s general celebration.

Rewards for Returning Curios Quest in Genshin Impact

After completing the “Returning Curios” quest in Genshin Impact, players will receive a variety of enticing gifts. This quest’s total rewards include Primogems and Mora. Primogems are a precious in-game currency that may be used to create wishes in the gacha system of the game, allowing players to get new characters, weapons, and other expensive stuff.

Players have 20 Primogems to try their luck and maybe gain powerful reinforcements to their team. Mora, on the other hand, is the game’s major currency that can be used to purchase stuff from NPCs as well as upgrade characters and weapons. The hefty gift of 11,000 Mora can greatly aid players in their adventure by giving them with the materials they need for character advancement.

Location of Returning Curios Quest in Genshin Impact

To begin the mission, players must complete Secret Summer Paradise: Part 3. Once completed, the mission will immediately unlock. Idyia can then be found at the Silver Bottle Courtyard, which is located north of the area’s centre teleport point. Talking to Idyia will start the quest, in which players must uncover three hidden chests containing keepsakes using the hints supplied.

The good news is that the sites alluded to in the clues will be labelled with little area indications, making it easier for gamers to locate them. Players can proceed through the quest and find the hidden treasures by following the hints and examining the indicated places.

Walkthrough of Returning Curios Quest in Genshin Impact

“The Returning Curios quest in Genshin Impact requires players to find three hidden treasures.”

The clue for the First Hidden Treasure involves a pleasant mist and dancing lamplight, implying that you must sit on a chair near a lamppost. This treasure may be found by travelling south from Idyia’s booth and sitting on one of the chairs near the tables on a wooden deck adjacent to a lamppost.

The Second Hidden Treasure clue mentions a shooting star of vines in a forest and a quiet dreamland, which reveals itself to be a preprint puzzle in a cave. Players can ride the Choo-Choo Cart from the Central Hub to this closed spot southeast of the Silver Bottle Courtyard. They must solve the tricky puzzle, climb up, and find the chest within the cave.

The Third Hidden Treasure clue cites a blue ceiling and a floor of white candies, implying that the Central Hub is located high above the clouds. To discover the final digging place, players must engage with the Hydro Eidolons near Clusterleaves of Cultivation and follow their hiding spots, solve riddles, kill opponents, and climb up the Central Hub branch.

After Collecting all The Treasures

After gathering all three hidden treasures, players can bury their souvenirs in the Central Hub, the lakeside, or the Veluriyam Mirage’s entrance. The quest’s conclusion is unaffected by the location or item chosen. Finally, to finish the mission, players can return to Idyia and speak with Paimon.”

In Conclusion

As part of the Secret Summer Paradise Event, the “Returning Curios” quest in Genshin Impact provides players with an interesting experience. By completing this mission, players will be able to discover lost curios, explore new locales, and interact with NPCs.

The task grants players Primogems and Mora, in-game currency that may be used to purchase new characters, weapons, and other goods. To begin the mission, players must finish Secret Summer Paradise: Part 3 and talk to Idyia in the Silver Bottle Courtyard. Players can complete the quest by locating three hidden prizes and reporting their findings by following the clues provided.


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