Thinkers Theater Chest Genshin Impact – Locations, Tips & Guide

Thinkers Theater Chest Genshin: Players will come across a broad array of chests dispersed around the many regions in the large and immersive universe of Genshin Impact. These chests contain important gifts and treasures that can help gamers greatly in their adventures.

There are various types of chests, each with its own rarity and set of goodies. Common chests are the most plentiful and frequently contain basic things and resources. Exquisite chests are more difficult to find and contain more precious goodies such as weapons, artefacts, and upgrade materials. Precious chests are even rarer, containing powerful weapons and precious artefacts. The most sought-after chests, dubbed luxury chests, contain the most spectacular and lucrative gifts.

Thinkers Theater Chest in Genshin Impact

After completing the first two phases of the Secret Summer Paradise event in Genshin Impact, players can proceed to Veluriyam Mirage’s Thinkers’ Theatre. They will be able to communicate with the director, Zosimos, and take part in his play here. While the players will serve as backstage personnel, their efforts will be amply compensated.

Furthermore, after finishing the third portion of the limited-time event, players will be able to freely explore the lands of Thinkers’ Theatre, where they will be able to discover several types of chests, such as Common, Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious chests. These chests hold significant goodies that can improve the gameplay experience of the gamers.

How to Unlock Thinkers Theater Chest in Genshin Impact

To obtain access to the Water Droplets and its mini-games in Genshin Impact, players must first complete the Secret Summer Paradise: Part 3 mission. This task unlocks the Thinkers Theatre, allowing players to fully explore and interact with the mini-games spread throughout the area.

By finishing Part 3 of the questline, players will not only obtain entry to the theatre, but will also discover a variety of amusing mini-games that offer additional activities and rewards. It’s an amazing chance for players to immerse themselves in the bright world of Genshin Impact and enjoy the interactive activities available in the Thinkers Theatre.

Locations of Thinkers Theater in Genshin Impact

Thinkers’ Theatre is a location in Genshin Impact where players can locate numerous chests. Players must first finish the Secret Summer Paradise: Part 3 quest to gain access to the theatre and its mini-games before hunting for these treasures. There are a total of 52 chests scattered around Thinkers’ Theatre. The locations of the chests are marked on the map, with red showing chest sites, yellow suggesting challenge locations, and green signifying Luxurious chest locations.

To find these chests, players must explore the western portion, northwestern lake, southern forest, Thinkers’ Theatre core, and northern cave. Completing specified tasks or engaging with Hydro Eidolons is required for some chests. Finding these chests will provide players with valuable things and resources to help them on their way.

How to Solve Water Droplet For Thinkers Theater Chest in Genshin Impact

Players must study the clue placed nearby to complete the job of capturing a picture that matches the situation in Genshin Impact. The hint will direct them to the highlighted location where they should go. When they arrive at the appointed spot, players should capture a photo of the Hydro Eidolons in the scene. However, it is critical to wait for the appropriate perspective and timing before taking the photograph. Players must be patient and wait for a highlighted notification indicating the best time to capture the photograph. Following these procedures will ensure that the task is completed successfully.

To Wrap it all Up

Thinkers Theatre is a treasure trove of chests that provide players with rich treasures and surprises. These chests range in rarity from common to luxurious and contain a variety of goodies such as weapons, artefacts, and upgrade materials. To access the chests and unlock the Thinkers Theatre, players must finish the Secret Summer Paradise: Part 3 quest, which also offers fun mini-games within the theatre.

Players can find a total of 52 chests by exploring the various parts of the theatre, such as the western half, northwestern lake, southern woodland, core, and northern cave. To complete the Water Droplet challenge and take the perfect photo, players must follow the directions, wait for the right angle, and photograph the Hydro Eidolons.


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