Where to Find Hidden Quests in Diablo 4 – Location & Full Guide

Hidden Quests Diablo 4: Diablo 4 contains some hidden aspects that are not immediately apparent but can enhance the game’s excitement. Hidden dungeons or secret sections, for example, can be discovered when exploring. These locations frequently feature high rewards and difficult foes to defeat. Secret quests or events that are not part of the main tale are another hidden aspect.

You can set them off by doing certain things or fulfilling certain circumstances. Interacting with NPCs in a unique way can also expose hidden dialogue options or provide you with exclusive rewards. Exploring the game world with care and attention to detail might lead to the discovery of rare artefacts, hidden treasures, and intriguing stories. These secret features give the game more depth and surprises.

Hidden Quests in Diablo 4 – What are They?

There are various types of quests in role-playing games such as Diablo 4. Some are part of the main plot, while others are side quests with additional rewards. There are also hidden quests that players can find while exploring the game area. There are all three sorts of quests accessible in Diablo 4.

Hidden missions, in particular, are intriguing since they frequently include unexpected twists and unique stories. Although they are not the most difficult quests, they provide a gratifying experience for players who happen upon them by chance. These quests frequently involve duties like delivering stuff, but they add depth and excitement to the game.

Hidden Quests Diablo 4

Locations of Various Hidden Quests in Diablo 4

These submerged hidden quests can be found in various of locations, spread through out the game world. Today, we at TechDrake, have gathered a guide to help you locate such ambiguities.

Location # 1 – Better Days: Hidden Quest Diablo 4

“Better Days,” which has its own unique storyline, is one of the more enjoyable adventures in Diablo 4. However, some prerequisites must be met before players may access this quest. It starts when the player obtains a Faded Old Painting from an adversary in the Dobrav Taiga region. To continue, players must have finished the “Legacies of Light’s Watch” task and spoken with Zalan Coste. They can then take the painting to Zalan for additional information.

Zalan may be located in Margrave, where he was previously seen by the player. He explains that the painting has themes that would offend the church. He agrees to hide it, which leads to the next hidden mission, “Unwritten End,” which takes place in the same zone.

Location # 2 – Gem Laden Geode: Hidden Quest Diablo 4

Farming iron in Hawezar offers an added bonus: the possibility of discovering a Gem Laden Geode. These geodes are dropped at random from any iron node in the region. They are full of valuable gems that players can acquire and use for a variety of purposes.

Other geodes to look for include Ice Laden Geodes and Glittering Geodes, in addition to Gem Laden Geodes. Each geode kind may result in its own set of missions, similar to the one discussed above. These missions frequently entail engaging with specific NPCs or fulfilling specific geode-related objectives.

Herbalists that focus on harvesting plants in the northern regions may come across unusual blooms such as Frostbloom. These flowers can start a secret quest that takes you back to an NPC in Kyovoshad. This mission provides a one-of-a-kind plot or prizes for gamers to discover and enjoy.

Location # 3 – Late Shipment: Hidden Quest Diablo 4

While fighting and killing human opponents like as Scrappers and Throatslitters in Kehjistan’s dusty ruins, one of these adversaries may drop a unique item known as a “Battered Shipment.” When the player takes up this item, an automatic quest is triggered and added to their quest record. The quest’s goal is straightforward: return the Battered Shipment to its rightful owner.

The shipment’s owner is an NPC named Aih’Setal, who can be located in Geal Kul, Kehjistan’s greatest city. The city is close by, on the southern shore. When the player returns the Battered Shipment to Aih’Setal, they will receive a Salvage Cache containing precious artefacts as well as a quantity of gold.

To Wrap it all Up

Hidden quests in Diablo 4 bring an added dimension of intrigue and discovery to the game. These quests can be discovered via exploring the game environment and discovering hidden locales, engaging with NPCs in novel ways, or accomplishing particular chores. Hidden quests provide interesting tales, unexpected twists, and substantial prizes. While they are not the most difficult quests, discovering them by coincidence adds to the overall fun of the game.

Some prominent Diablo 4 hidden tasks include “Better Days,” which needs players to locate a Faded Old Painting and speak with Zalan Coste in Margrave, and “Late Shipment,” which requires players to return a Battered Shipment to Aih’Setal in Geal Kul. Farming iron in Hawezar may also lead to the discovery of Gem Laden Geodes, which can open their own set of tasks.

Exploring the game world with care and meeting the conditions for these secret quests can present players with one-of-a-kind experiences and important rewards. These Diablo 4 secret features add depth and surprise to the game, making it more interesting and enjoyable.


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