Children of God Genshin Impact – Hidden Achievement Walkthrough

Hidden achievements in Genshin Impact are unique challenges and tasks that players can discover and complete as they go through the game. Hidden accomplishments, unlike standard awards that are displayed in the in-game menu, are not mentioned and are frequently kept secret, requiring players to investigate and uncover them on their own. These secret achievements offer a depth of mystery and intrigue to the action, motivating players to thoroughly explore Teyvat and interact with various NPCs, items, and events.

Completing secret achievements can provide players with expensive items, Primogems, Adventure EXP, and other bonuses, making them a worthwhile pursuit for dedicated Genshin Impact players trying to maximise their progress and rewards. Hidden achievements provide an enriching and satisfying experience for players as they adventure through the fantasy world of Genshin Impact, whether it’s completing puzzles, supporting NPCs, or meeting unusual difficulties.

Children of God in Genshin Impact

“The Children of God Shall Dance” is an intriguing achievement discovered in Genshin Impact’s “Wonders of the World” category. To obtain this accomplishment, players must complete the quest “Sunchildren Hide and Seek.” This mission entails tracking down and conversing with the enigmatic Sunchildren spread around Teyvat.

The Sunchildren are thought to be celestial beings, closely related to the Anemo element, who hide themselves across the earth, waiting for curious travellers to find them. Players must explore different locales, follow clues, and engage in an intriguing game of hide-and-seek with these strange beings.

As players explore the depths of the world, they will need to pay close attention to their surroundings, interpret riddles, and interact with specific objects in order to find the Sunchildren’s hiding places. Each meeting with a Sunchild reveals a different aspect of their story and their relationship to the natural world.

How to Complete Children of God – Achievement Guide

This map depicts the locations of seven secret NPCs in Genshin Impact. To begin, they should look for Ion in Evernight Temple, which is located at the farthest south teleport point. Ion will be found inside an almost enclosed square area with tables and lights. After that, players can find Orupeusu just to the left as they exit the area where they chatted with Ion. Piramumon, the third NPC, is located on a ledge of land above Orupeusu.

To continue the quest, go in the direction Piramumon was gazing and look for a broken wall with lamps. They can then glide to Rikoru’s position. To locate Isumenasu, players must descend to the platform route below and enter a “place of essence worship” to open a barrier.

Players should teleport to the southernmost Evernight Temple location and approach Surepio and Risutaiosu from higher ground. Surepio can be discovered in a demolished temple entryway, whereas Risutaiosu is hidden on a small plot of land with a tree branch protruding from the wall.

Important Facts about The Children of God

The Genshin Impact developers were inspired by renowned Japanese author Haruki Murakami and his book “After the Quake” to create the secret accomplishment “The Children of God Shall Dance.” Murakami’s book, “Kami no Kodomo-tachi wa Mina Odoru,” is a collection of short stories set in Japan after the 1995 Kobe earthquake. The stories cover a wide range of topics, such as human emotions, resilience, and the unpredictability of life.

Similarly, in Genshin Impact, players can embark on a questline called “Sunchildren Hide and Seek,” in which they must find and engage with various spectral children spread across the Evernight Temple. “The Children of God Shall Dance,” the achievement’s name, catches the core of the book’s title, symbolising the relationship between the ghostly children in the game and the characters in Murakami’s literary work.

To Wrap it all Up

Hidden achievements in Genshin Impact provide intrigue and excitement to the gameplay, enabling players to explore Teyvat’s huge environment and engage with its various secrets. “The Children of God Shall Dance” is an enthralling secret achievement discovered in the “Wonders of the World” category. To complete this achievement, players must complete the quest “Sunchildren Hide and Seek,” which challenges them to look for celestial beings called as Sunchildren concealed throughout the realm. Each interaction with a Sunchild reveals a new facet of their story and relationship to nature.

The plot is based on Haruki Murakami’s book “After the Quake,” which contains stories set in the aftermath of a severe earthquake. The book’s ideas of resilience and unpredictability were skilfully interwoven into the development of Genshin Impact. Players start on an exciting trip, deciphering riddles, exploring various locales, and interacting with special things in order to find the Sunchildren’s hiding places.


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