Fatui Action Logs | If Not Us, Then Who? Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact, a popular action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, provides players with a wide and immersive world to explore. The variety of achievements that players can strive for is one of the game’s many gratifying components. These achievements serve as milestones and challenges, motivating players to participate in a variety of activities, quests, and tasks across Teyvat’s enchanting realm.

Genshin Impact’s achievements cater to a wide range of playstyles and interests, from combat-related feats to solving complicated puzzles, discovering hidden secrets, and supporting NPCs. Players can gain important gifts, Primogems, and Adventure EXP by unlocking these achievements as they embark on their trip with their chosen characters.

If Not Us, Then Who? Genshin Impact

If Not Us, Then Who? is an intriguing Achievement featured in the “Wonders of the World” category of Genshin Impact. To unlock this accomplishment, players must complete the hidden exploration objective known as “Fatui Action Logs.” This mission requires you to discover and interact with a series of hidden logs left behind by the enigmatic and powerful Fatui organisation.

The Fatui, one of Teyvat’s most powerful and mysterious factions, are known for their influence and intrigue, often working behind the scenes to achieve their objectives. The “Fatui Action Logs” exploration objective allows players to explore deeper into the organization’s activities and gain insight into its motivations and actions.

Location # 1 Fatui Action Log – If Not Us, Then Who

To locate the first Fatui action log, players need teleport to the teleport point directly south of “The Chasm: Main Mining Area.” From here, the player should immediately turn around and continue south, up the nearby stairs, and finally end up exactly next to a Fatui campsite and tent.

There will be two square boxes against the wall directly next to the Fatui tent, each with a blinking star. The book placed on top of the box closest to the player will be the first Fatui action log. If the player interacts with the other box, it will drop a tiny quantity of Mora for them.

Location # 2 Fatui Action Log – If Not Us, Then Who?

When glancing at the above map, the second Fatui action report can be a little deceptive, as one would believe they should teleport to the place in the middle of Stony Halls. Instead, players should teleport to the teleport spot at the top-right of Stony Halls and follow the path until they reach a small enclosed ruin with a Pyro Abyss Mage and a spider within.

Players will very certainly need to defeat the Abyss Mage, as doing so will prohibit them from reading the Fatui journal through combat. The second Fatui action log is located to the left of the spider web on a box.

Location # 3 Fatui Action Log – If Not Us, Then Who?

The third Fatui action log will require players to teleport to the Underground Waterway’s teleport location. This teleport point, as the name suggests, transports the player to a platformer overlooking a tiny stream, which the player should then leap into and follow.

The player will eventually come across three Hilichurls dancing near a wall, which indicates that the player should turn right next to them, looking directly at a wrecked ruin full of water. Swimming inside the water-filled ruin and glancing to the left will find a small cooking pot on a ledge, with the third Fatui action log laying in rubble from the damaged wall right next to it.

Location # 4 Fatui Action Log – If Not Us, Then Who?

Simply teleport to the centre of The Glowing Narrows to find the most recent Fatui action log. Then, continue straight ahead until you find a small Fatui camp inside the tunnel.

The fourth and final Fatui action log will be sitting on top of a stack of books, sparkling and ready for you to read. If you read this final log, you will gain the “If Not Us, Then Who?” accomplishment, which grants you 5 Primogems. Reading the log will also help you understand what the Fatui went through while inside the Chasm.

To Wrap it all Up

The quest to finish the “Fatui Action Logs” brings players to a variety of locations, such as the Chasm, Stony Halls, the Underground Waterway, and The Glowing Narrows. Each log offers a bit of the Fatui’s history and secrets. Players obtain the “If Not Us, Then Who?” accomplishment and Primogems for successfully finding and reading all four logs.

Genshin Impact’s award system pushes players to explore, solve difficulties, and uncover the many hidden delights that await in this compelling fantasy world with its intriguing mysteries and exciting chores.


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