How to Get End of The Line Fish Bow Genshin Impact – How to Refine

End of The Line Bow Genshin Impact: In Teyvat’s enormous environment, Genshin Impact provides players with a broad assortment of little things that may appear inconspicuous but serve critical functions in the game. These little objects can be found all throughout the environment, concealed in chests, dropped by foes, or earned through tasks. Despite their small size, they are quite valuable and important for player progression and exploration.

In Genshin Impact, little objects include a wide range of supplies, consumables, and collectibles. Flowers, minerals, and ores are required for character and weapon improvements. Food, potions, and buffs are consumables that provide vital bonuses during battles and exploration. Collectibles such as geoculi and anemoculi unlock valuable rewards and improve the Traveler’s powers.

The End of The Line Fish Bow in Genshin Impact

The “End of the Line” in Genshin Impact is a unique and strong 4-Star Bow that players can obtain through the Sumeru Fishing Association. This association is most likely tied to fishing activity in the Sumeru region of the Teyvat world. The name of the bow suggests a connection to fishing, which could imply that it was manufactured or used by competent fishermen in the past.

The “End of the Line” is a 4-Star weapon of excellent quality, capable of causing tremendous damage to opponents in combat. Its stats and abilities may make it an appealing choice for characters who specialise in attacking from a distance with bows. Players can get this bow by accomplishing specified activities or missions related to the Sumeru Fishing Association, adding another essential tool to their arsenal throughout Teyvat’s adventure.

End of The Line Bow Genshin Impact

Stats/Usage & Power of The Bow

The “End of the Line” bow may appear to be a ridiculous weapon, with a bowstring attached to a fish, but don’t underestimate its potency. It’s a 4-star bow with 510 basic ATK at level 90 and a 45.9% energy recharge sub-stat. “Net Snapper,” the weapon’s unique ability, adds a stack of “Flowrider” when you use an elemental skill, delivering 160% of your ATK as AoE DMG to opponents you strike. The “Flowrider” stack vanishes after 3 instances of AoE DMG or 15 seconds, whichever comes first.

The AoE DMG can occur every 2 seconds, while the “Flowrider” effect can occur every 12 seconds. While it is not the most powerful weapon in the game, it can be effective for characters such as Yoimiya, Tartaglia, Fischl, and other bow users who rely on elemental skills for consistent damage and require a lot of energy recharge.

Where to Find End of The Line Fish Bow in Genshin Impact

Six new varieties of fish were introduced to the game in the Sumeru region with the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. Some of these species are only visible at certain times of day. End of the Line bow, Peach of the Deep Waves, Lazurite Axe Marlin, and Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin can be found at Fishing Spots both day and night, making them simpler to catch. Sugardew Bait, which players can purchase from the Sumeru Fishing Association by exchanging 3x Medaka, can be used to catch all three Sumerian fish.

To receive the free fish-themed 4-star Bow, End of the Line, players must capture 36 fish in Sumeru. When they have all of the requisite fish, they can trade them in at the Sumeru Fishing Association for the End of the Line. The organisation also has four Original Fish Ointment, which is a weapon enhancement ingredient for the End of the Line. Each Original Fish Ointment costs 2 times Peach of the Deep Waves, 8 times Lazurite Axe Marlin, and 8 times Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin.

To Wrap it all Up

Little things can make a big difference in Genshin Impact. These goods are essential in the game, from flowers and minerals for upgrades to consumables like food and potions during battles. The “End of the Line” fish bow, a unique and strong 4-star weapon, is one such item.

This bow, obtained from the Sumeru Fishing Association, is ideal for characters who specialise in ranged attacks. Its “Net Snapper” ability deals substantial AoE DMG and is frequently triggered. This bow can be obtained by performing particular actions related to the fishing organisation. The “End of the Line” is a great addition to any adventurer’s arsenal due to its high stats and adaptability.


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