Hawezar Map Diablo 4 – Detailed Guide

Hawezar Diablo 4: Welcome to Diablo 4’s dark and treacherous world, where gamers will embark on an epic journey via five distinct and enormous zones. Each zone in the game provides a distinct and immersive experience, complete with scary enemies, old dungeons, and interesting secrets just waiting to be discovered.

From the spooky forests of Scosglen to the harsh plains of Dry Steppes, players will travel enormous landscapes, confront demonic entities, and face a plethora of obstacles designed to put their talents to the test. Prepare to explore Diablo 4’s wide and dynamic map and unravel the mysteries that lay in each zone.

Hawezar in Diablo 4

Hawezar is the final zone in Diablo 4, where Acts 5 and 6 take place. The difficulty remains constant until players reach around level 40. Hawezar is divided into three sections: rough dunes in the south, lush rainforests in the northwest, and the enthralling Hawezar Swamp in the northeast, which is home to the Tree of Whispers.

Zarbinzet is the primary hub in this zone, and it is conveniently positioned near the World Boss arena. Players will grow closer to the finish of the game as they go through Hawezar. They will, however, continue to explore the Hawezar map because of the Whisper Cache feature. Even after discovering the swamp’s mysteries, there are still numerous jobs to perform before fully exploring and conquering the Hawezar map.

All Altars of Lilith in Hawezar

Altars of Lilith are extremely crucial to collect in Diablo 4 since they grant huge power boosts to players, despite their appearance. Players can permanently boost their main stats, Paragon Points, and Max Obols on all of their characters by collecting all 160 Altars in the game. They don’t need to be found again after they’ve been discovered, and any new characters will benefit from the stat bonuses immediately away.

Hawezar Diablo 4

The Hawezar Map contains 34 Altars of Lilith, making it one of the zones with the most equally distributed Altars in Diablo 4. Players can start from any entrance and explore the entire map, avoiding the northwestern portion, which has no Altars as all. Players can gather all of the Altars and strengthen their characters to tackle the difficulties that lie ahead if they work hard enough.

All Waypoints in Hawezar – Diablo 4

Waypoints are important in Diablo 4 because they allow players to quickly navigate around the game’s five zones. They speed up travel across Hawezar’s zone and grant a modest boost to Renown, which aids in character advancement. There are six Waypoints in Hawezar, which is fewer than in other zones such as Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, or Dry Steppes. However, because they are strategically positioned across the zone, it is more effective to prioritise locating and unlocking these Waypoints first in order to make exploration and questing easier.

Hawezar Diablo 4

All World Bosses in Hawezar – Diablo 4

World Bosses can emerge in five different areas in Diablo 4, one for each major zone. At these sites, Ashava the Pestilent, Avarice the Gold-Cursed, and Wandering Death spawn every six to seven hours in real time. Players will be notified approximately a half-hour before they appear in the game. Players can join the official Diablo 4 Discord for spawn notifications or use third-party trackers like Helltides.com or Diablo4.life to keep track of spawn times in order to obtain the weekly Grand Cache for defeating all three World Bosses.

The World Boss location in Hawezar is conveniently located just a short ride southeast of Zarbinzet. The Fields of Desecration are surrounded by the Altar of Lilith, Cellars, and other side material for the Hawezar map. It’s also a good starting place for investigating Hawezar’s Altars of Lilith and Cellars.

All Dungeons in Hawezar – Diablo 4

Dungeons in Diablo 4 differ from those in prior games. They are not completely randomised, and players are no longer required to progress through numerous stages with loading screens. Each dungeon includes a distinct objective, opponents, and a semi-random layout. Regardless, dungeons are crucial since Nightmare Dungeons are tied to Glyphs and provide valuable rewards such as Aspects after the initial completion.

There are 23 side Dungeons in Hawezar, and fortunately, many of them are close together. Three dungeons are positioned side by side in the centre of the map near the Ruins of Rakhat Keep. The same is true just south of the Crusader’s Monument, and near Zarbinzet, there is a cluster of five or six dungeons that make collecting Aspects simple.

To Wrap it all Up

Players are welcome to explore the large and immersive world spanning five separate zones, each of which contains difficult foes, old dungeons, and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Adventurers will go on an epic trip from the gloomy forests of Scosglen to the harsh plains of Dry Steppes, encountering demonic powers and overcoming diverse difficulties that will put their talents to the test. Hawezar is the final zone, comprising Acts 5 and 6, and has different landscapes such as harsh dunes, luscious jungles, and the mysterious Hawezar Swamp, which is home to the Tree of Whispers.

Zarbinzet, a key hub strategically positioned near the World Boss arena, will be found by players. The adventure in Hawezar promises to be intriguing and rewarding, with Altars of Lilith, Waypoints, World Bosses, and Dungeons to explore and conquer.


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