Scosglen Map Diablo 4 – Complete Guide

Welcome to Diablo 4’s large and dynamic landscape, Sanctuary, a dark and hazardous planet. Players will embark on an epic journey through five diverse locations, each with its own set of challenges, hazards, and secrets to solve in this highly anticipated action role-playing game.

The map is loaded with different landscapes, ancient dungeons, and dangerous adversaries, ranging from the creepy forests of Scosglen to the harsh plains of Dry Steppes. Prepare to explore an ever-changing online world, battle demonic forces, and craft your own legendary story in Diablo 4’s dark and treacherous realm.

Scosglen in Diablo 4

Estuar is a Sanctuary location in Diablo 4 that players can explore. It is divided into five major sections, with the Fractured Peaks serving as the starting point for most gamers. However, because Scosglen is one of the three regions scaled for players under Level 30, it frequently becomes the second important destination early in the game. Donan can be found in his Firebreak Manor in Scosglen, the Druids’ homeland. Cerrigar is the primary centre in Scosglen.

Despite the fact that players arrive in Scosglen by default during Act 2 of Diablo 4, there are numerous side goals that contribute to completing the Scosglen map and earning fame. These include Scosglen Altars of Lilith, Strongholds, a plethora of Cellars, one-of-a-kind elite encounters, and build-defining Aspects that entice all classes (not just Druids) to explore its varied side dungeons.

All Dungeons in Scosglen in Diablo 4

There are two types of dungeons in Diablo 4: tale dungeons and side dungeons. The side dungeons are important for finishing the map. Story dungeons can only be accessed throughout the campaign and can only be played once. Most side dungeons, however, reward players with Aspects for their Codex, and Scosglen has a large number of powerful Aspects to acquire.

Scosglen Diablo 4

Scosglen has 25 side dungeons, but some of them are only accessible after completing specific Strongholds. Save these Strongholds for World Tier 3 or 4 to gain extra experience points due to increased spawn rates and the imposed level disparity.

All Waypoints in Scosglen

In Diablo 4, waypoints are essential for speedy movement and accessing timed events. When discovered, they also grant players Renown. Some Waypoints are immediately available, while others necessitate the completion of Strongholds or other activities.

There are eight Waypoints in Scosglen. The majority of them may be unlocked simply by discovering them. The Waypoint at Tur Dulra, on the other hand, is only accessible after defeating the Stronghold of the same name.

World Bosses in Scosglen Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, each location has its own World Boss zone. These bosses spawn on a regular basis, and websites such as and chronicle their spawn times. Each week, defeating all three World Bosses awards you with a unique Cache featuring superior loot.

Caen Adar is the name of the World Boss arena in Scosglen, which is located immediately north of the Corbach Waypoint. You can get to this Waypoint quickly and then continue north for approximately a minute to find Caen Adar. Another option is to travel northwest from Cerrigar through the Emerald Chase, then east until you reach the Carrowcrest Ruins.

Altars of Lilith in Scosglen Diablo 4

Altars of Lilith provide a tiny, permanent bonus when found, and you do not need to locate them again with subsequent characters. The perks are minor, such as +2 to a stat, +5 Max Obols, or a single Paragon Point, but with 160 Altars in the game, they build up to enormous strength.

Scosglen Diablo 4

In Scosglen, there are 34 Lilith Altars. To swiftly collect them all, start from the Fractured Peaks entrance in the southeast, head west, then back east and counter-clockwise across the zone. When you reach the western coast, turn around and walk back to Cerrigar to find the remaining Altars.

To Wrap it all Up

Scosglen is one of five locations in Diablo 4’s large and varied Sanctuary landscape. Players will face many obstacles, visit ancient dungeons, and battle formidable opponents as they explore this dark and dangerous world. Scosglen is the Druids’ homeland, with Cerrigar as its primary hub. Although it is the second most important destination for players under Level 30, there are numerous side objectives to fulfil in order to finish the Scosglen map and gain fame.

Caen Adar is the World Boss arena, containing 25 side dungeons, powerful Aspects, and 8 Waypoints. There are also 34 Altars of Lilith to explore and improve characters.


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