ASUS Making Wireless GPUs? How Cool is That!

ASUS Wireless GPU: ASUS rose to prominence first for its high-quality motherboards and graphics cards. Its product line has grown throughout time to include laptops, desktop computers, displays, networking equipment, smartphones, and several other computer accessories.

ASUS is well-known in the graphics card industry for their Republic of Gamers (ROG) line, which caters to gamers and enthusiasts. The ROG series is well-known for its cutting-edge technology, outstanding performance, and eye-catching appearance, making it a popular choice for both gamers and content creators.

Wireless – Cable Free GPUs by ASUS?

Most high-end graphics cards now require power cords to function properly. These power cords are critical for giving the necessary electrical power to the graphics card and ensuring peak performance. However, the existence of these wires frequently results in severe cable congestion within computer cases, particularly for people who build their own computers. This can make the overall system more difficult to handle, impede ventilation, and make the inside of the case appear disorganised.

ASUS intends to address these concerns by eliminating the requirement for power connectors entirely. By incorporating a power delivery system directly into the graphics card, it may be possible to pull power directly from the motherboard or other internal sources, removing the need for external power cables. This novel technique has the potential to make constructing and maintaining a computer system considerably easier and more appealing.

Announcement on ASUS Booth: Computex 2023

ASUS unveiled a great new thing at Computex 2023: a prototype graphics card named GeForce RTX 4070. What’s amazing is that, unlike most graphics cards, this card doesn’t require any external power connectors to function. It also lacks standard connectors such as the 8-pin PCIe and the newer 16-pin connector. However, it is not employing magic to gain power; rather, it uses its specific link to draw power. The only disadvantage is that you must utilise ASUS’ unique connection for this capability to function.

ASUS Wireless GPU

The Science Behind Wireless GPUs by ASUS

Instead of using standard PCIe power connectors, ASUS developed their own custom connector known as the “GC_HPWR.” It appears to be a PCIe x1 connector and is located next to the graphics card’s conventional PCIe 4.0 x16 port. This custom slot functions as a pass-through option.

Instead of directly attaching a 16-pin power connection to the graphics card, it now connects to a slot on the motherboard’s back. The power is then sent through this slot to the graphics card. This means that the graphics card will not work on a standard motherboard that lacks this specific slot.

This graphics card requires an upcoming ASUS motherboard with a unique design called “BTF” or “Back To Future.” These motherboards will include the required proprietary expansion slot at the back of the motherboard, where the power cables can be connected. The power connectors will no longer be visible on the front of the PC, giving it a cleaner appearance.

When will ASUS start Producing Wireless – Cableless GPUs?

According to Eixa Studio, a content creator who attended the Bilibili World 2023 show in Shanghai, China, ASUS intends to begin manufacturing the connector-less graphics card in the autumn. This implies that they will generate a large number of these cards. They hope to have these graphics cards available for purchase in stores before the end of the year.

Previously, we saw ASUS graphics cards with a black theme, such as the GeForce RTX 4070 Megalodon and TUF Gaming Z790 BTF. Eixa Studio, on the other hand, noticed something new: a white variant of the same GeForce RTX 40-series graphics card. They also discovered an upcoming motherboard for Intel Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh processors named the TX Gaming B760-BTF WiFi. ASUS appears to be planning the release of some intriguing new goods for computer lovers and gamers to enjoy.

Pricing of The New ASUS Wireless GPUs

Because of their unique design and additional components, connector-less graphics cards and BTF motherboards may be more expensive. The real question is whether people will be prepared to pay a premium for the ease of not having to deal with cable. While the design is cleaner and eliminates potential power connector difficulties, it provides no performance benefits. Users’ willingness to embrace this unique technique will be determined by how much importance they place on a cleaner build and avoiding power connector issues.

To Wrap it all Up

By offering a unique connector-less architecture, ASUS is making big gains in the field of graphics cards. They hope to provide customers with a cleaner and more efficient computer experience by eliminating the need for power cords. The prototype GeForce RTX 4070 shown at Computex 2023 has sparked interest among computer aficionados, and ASUS plans to commence full production in the autumn, with retail availability by the end of the year.

The usage of a proprietary “GC_HPWR” connector provides a one-of-a-kind power delivery system that requires compatible motherboards with the BTF architecture. ASUS continues to impress and enchant gamers and content creators alike with their commitment to innovation.


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