Pokemon GO July Community Day.

The upcoming Community for July for the Kanto Water Pokemon, Poliwag, is just a few days away with plenty of stuff to cover on the rewards, details and more. Niantic has announced that the Poliwag Community Day will commence on 30th July at 2 PM local time, running for three hours and will feature two final evolutionary forms, each having their own special Community Day exclusive move, Special Research Story, and much more.


Poliwag will be spawning in ample throughout the whole three hours the event will take place during the Community Day. Its shiny form will also be available to lucky players. It evolves into Poliwhirl which can then evolve into two different kinds of Pokemon, i.e. Poliwrath, the Water and Fighting Type Final Evolution in Kanto, and Politoed, the Water Type alternate evolution that was released as a Hoenn Pokemon. Looking at these final evolutions, there is plenty of enticement for players to play the game on July 30th as saving up enough candy to get both final forms is otherwise a lengthy process. Players playing during the event will be able to save up enough candy to get both evolutions.

Looking at the final evolution in regards to the game itself, Poliwrath and Polotead are very strong Pokemon that are good options for Multiplayer Battles. Poliwrath holds a versatile moveset including both water and fighting type moves as well as packing quite a punch with a high Attack stat, while Politoed boasts a considerable HP stat that makes it a tanky Pokemon. It also has great Special Attack for its Water-type moves so it is also a nice addition to a battle party.

Players can get Poliwrath by evolving Polowhirl the normal way while getting Politoed requires a King’s Rock.

If players are avid fans, they would remember that Misty of the Pokemon Anime had a Poliwag that evolved into a Poliwhirl, and then accidentally into a Politoed. The final Jolly Pokemon brings a hint of nostalgia to the game so players might think of joining the Community Day just to have the same Pokemon in their collection that Misty owned.

Exclusive Moves:

Exclusive Community Day moves for both the final evolutions for Poliwag are Counter and Ice Beam. Poliwrath will learn Counter as a Fast Move if they evolve Poliwhirl into it during the event duration or five hours after it concludes. Politoed will learn Ice Beam as a Charged Move if they do the same thing other than only choosing the King’s Rock Evolution option instead.

Both moves are strong in both Raid Battles as well as in PVP mode.


There will also be a paid option to get a Special Research Story Ticket for the Community Day called Slippery Swirls. It will cost only 1$ and will be themed around the Community Day Pokemon. Players can purchase as well as gift the Ticket to friends who are added ingame and have a friendship status of Great Friends or more inside the game.

Other than that, Field Research will also be available for free that will reward players with a King’s Rock, the item that is needed to evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed, so players who currently do not have the item can look to conveniently get it if they play Pokemon GO during the Community Day. Field Research will also reward players with other items as well.

Timed Research will have King’s Rocks as rewards as well from 2 to 10 PM on the same day.


There is a good amount of great bonuses coming for this Community Day, with 2 of the 8 total bonuses live for more than just the three-hour Community Day duration.

Here is a list of all the bonuses:
-Egg Hatch Distance will be cut to 1/4th for any eggs placed in incubators during the three hours of the event.
-There will be a double candy bonus for catching Pokemon for the three hours of the Community Day.
-Players at above Level 30 will have double the chance to get XL Candy from catching Pokemon during the three-hour event.
-Lure Modules will last for three hours during the event.
-Incenses will also last for three houses during the event. This excludes the Daily Adventure Incense.
-Snapshots during the Community Day will have a surprise.
-Three Special Trades can be made from 2 to 10 PM on July 30th.
-Trades will require 50% less Stardust from 2 to 10 PM as well.

This makes the Community Day a perfect time to hatch some eggs and get together to trade with friends, as well as looking to collect plenty of Poliwag candy to use later.

Raid Battle:

During the Community Day, Raid Battles will also feature Poliwhirl as a 4-Star Raid Boss. Defeating it will have Poliwag spawn around the Gym for thirty minutes where the Raid Battle was held. What’s more, is that these Poliwags will also have the same chance as other Poliwags to be shiny which is a boosted number during the Community Day. This makes it the best-suited time and chance for players to get themselves a Shiny Poliwag, maybe even multiple so that they can have shiny forms of both Poliwhirl and Politoed.

Players however can only join and do the Poliwhirl Raid Battle who are at the location, as people won’t be able to join the raid with Remote Raid Passes.


Pokemon GO players will also be able to get event-themed Stickers for the whole day. They can buy it from the shop or look to Open Gifts and Spin Pokestops for a chance to get some for free.

Overall, this looks to be a very great conclusion to the whole month of July which was full of many great events in the game. Riolu Hatch Day was a fun event where players got to hatch Riolu as well as its rare shiny form if they were lucky enough, the Dark Flames Event was also grand, The 7th Anniversary looked to be like one of the best events the game ever had, and more. The Community Day itself looks to be a great event, which overlaps with another giving huge bonuses for players that play Pokemon GO in the coming days ahead. So there is no slowing down, as all of this month was just the beginning as the Pokemon GO Fest is now arriving next month.

Players can download and play Pokemon GO for free, available on both the App Store and Google Play. For more on Pokemon GO, you can visit the mobile video’s official website. For more information on the Pokemon GO Fest, the biggest Pokemon GO event of the year, viewers can check the same website that’s linked above.

The Pokemon GO Fest commences as a live event at various selected places in the world as the main antre, however, the Pokemon GO Fest Global Event comes as a digital ticket that gives all the bonuses of the event to all players in the game regardless of where they are. That will come later in August, so players can look to check up on GO Fest Global and buy a ticket in the game if they think it’ll be a worthy purchase.


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