Pokemon Sleep: Snorlax Power Guide.

Pokemon Sleep is the newest mobile title in the Pokemon franchise that comes as a neat little mixture of a Sleep Tracking App with basic Pokemon gameplay, and the outcome is one that is getting some significant growth and usage fans have downloaded the free App to play before bedtime.

The game works in the sense that you have the duty to go to an area and research sleeping Snorlax, the Gluttony Pokemon, who has the power to attract other Pokemon to rest around it. How the gameplay works is that players play the game before sleeping, turn on the sleep-tracking mode before going to sleep, let the app track sleep throughout players’ durations, and then reward them based on the quality of sleep they had with different kinds of Pokemon sleeping in different kinds of postures.

Within this part, one of the most essential things to know about is Snorlax’s Power. This guide covers all the info you need to know about what Snorlax’s Power is and how it is important, and what you can do to increase it that will directly help you to get more out of Pokemon Sleep

Snorlax is the basis of the whole game, and as Snorlax increases in power, players will get more rewards in various forms, the primary one being more Pokemon. Snorla’x Power is directly added to the Sleep Score of players to get the final Drowzy Power, and if it is high, there will be rarer and better Pokemon to encounter in the game.

Pokemon also give players a variety of items, ingredients and berries. Getting these is key to getting further into the game, and it all starts with making Snorlax more powerful.

Snorlax increases in power in three basic ways which are the following:


This is the primary way to increase Snorlax’s power. Pokemon have the ability to gather berries over a period of time which players collect by tapping on the gathering Pokemon. The berries automatically go into the berry box from where Snorlax starts eating the berry, which each one increasing its power.

Some berries are more effective on Snorlax in this manner and give double the power of the berry is Snorlax’s favourite food. Players can check which berry is Snorlax’s favourite by either tapping on the Berry box that is beside Snorlax, and a range of three different berries will be mentioned. It is to mention that every other Snorlax has a different favourite food so players should always check to see what they are when they select a new area for Snorlax to sleep at.

When players have a bigger variety of Pokemon they’ve befriended, it is recommended to make a helping team of Pokemon that all gather Snorlax’s favourite berries as more than half of the power growth for Snorlax is achieved by gathering and feeding it berries. However, players shouldn’t forget to check the ingredients that helper Pokemon gather, as that is important as well.

When every helper Pokemon gets Snorlax’s favourite berries alongside other helpful ingredients, Snorlax will quickly increase in power, enabling a more variety of Pokemon to appear in the game. This will help players get further rewards in their game and increase their Sleeping Posture Pokedex as well.

Food Ingredients:

As mentioned above, Food Ingredients are essential to the game as they’re the items Pokemon gather that players use to make dishes to feed Snorlax. These dishes give a big boost to Snorlax’s power, and as players can feed Snorlax three times daily, it is essential to get ingredients to make Snorlax more powerful.

There are three times in which players can feed Snorlax:

  1. Breakfast: This is the first food players can make for Snorlax in the morning between 6 AM to 12 PM.
  2. Lunch: Players can prepare and feed the evening meal to Snorlax between the hours of 12 PM and 6 PM.
  3. Dinner: This is the last meal of the day which is prepared after 6 PM till 6 AM of the next day.

Hencewise, players should look to log in and prepare food to feed Snorlax three times during their mentioned hours. When the specified time is ongoing, players can click on Snorlax and choose the Prepare Food option, which will lead them to the Food Preparation window.

Over here there are two main ways to prepare food; either automatically where a random dish is prepared based upon the ingredients the player has in his Ingredients Inventory, or manually by selecting a recipe or by selecting ingredients by themself. After selecting the ingredients, the food is cooked and the final dish is made. This dish has a power number of itself which is directly added to Snorlax’s power, and this power number is based upon the ingredients players chose, for example, an apple as an ingredient gives a power number of 90 for each one added to make the dish. There is also the experience aspect to take into account when making a recipe, as players gain experience with the specific recipe each time they make it, and with a higher level of the recipe, there is more power for it.

Additionally, there is also a slim chance that the dish will become “Super Tasty” meaning its final power number will increase drastically if players are lucky enough. On Sundays, there is also an increase of the chance of dishes being Super Tasty, as well as an increase in the ingredient numbers players can add to a dish. More ingredients used to make a dish and getting a super tasty chance on top of it will give a huge power upgrade to the dish and hence to Snorlax when it eats it.

Helper Pokemon Skill:

Another way Snorlax increases in power is by helping Pokemon’s skill as well as its own power. Some Pokemon have skills that boost Snorlax’s power which can sometimes proc, directly increasing Snorlax’s power. This is another way where players can make Snorlax more powerful. Players can try to make a helper Pokemon team that has this skill to help push the power level of Snorlax.

By having Snorlax get to a higher level by the end of the week, players will encounter better Pokemon to befriend. By getting a full 100 score by sleeping more than 8 and a half hours and by having a big power number, players will get a huge Drowzy Power score, which will land them rare sleeping styles of Pokemon, getting them better rewards from completing their Pokemon Sleeping Postures Pokedex. Thus by increasing Snorlax’s power, they will get better in everything single other aspect of Pokemon Sleep.

There is much more to come to the newly released Sleeping App/Game, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested. The app is free to download and play on the App Store as well as on Google Play. The Pokemon Company have made a unique mixture of a sleep tracking app with a Pokemon game to make Pokemon Sleep, and it is quite the gaming experience for sleepy people.

If you’d like to know more about Pokemon Sleep, you can check out the game’s official website page. You can check out our website for more guides and info on Pokemon Sleep as well if to need some tips and tricks or some basic help with the game.


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