Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Guide: Archaic Set.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom comes as one of the best videogames ever made as well as one of the most critically acclaimed games as well, available as the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch worldwide. If you’re one of the many fans that have bought the game, this guide covers the very first clothing/armor set that you would want to get inside the game.

If you’ve been active in following the title before its release, you’d notice that this is the same clothing/armor set that Link was shown wearing the very first time the game trailer was released years ago. Although nothing too special about this one, it is verily a very aesthetically good-looking set to have, and better than having nothing at the earliest start of the game. Here’s what you need to know about the Archaic Set and where to find it.

The Archaic Set has two main parts, Archaic Leggings and Archaic Tunic. Each gives a point in Armor so nothing special, but it’s better than having nothing to wear, and for the earliest part of the game, it’s still very much useful.

Players can manage to get both parts in the first hour of their gameplay. Both items are conveniently placed in chests and are not too hidden for players to worry about missing out on them.

The first part, Archaic Leggins, is obtained from the very first chest that players come across as soon as they reach the tutorial area. You can’t miss it.

The second part will take some time to get ahead, as the Archaic Tunic is located towards the southern side of the Tutorial Area within the Poolside cave, this is also a convenient find as players are directed towards it as they play through the tutorial area.

There is also a third part which provides cold protection, although it seems more of an optional item. However this one is the most useful out of the whole set, and players can get this towards the Eastern side of the Icy Tutorial Area inside of a hollowed cut tree.

The set offers a good aesthetic that fits perfectly with the theme of the game. Link’s official art for TOTK also portrays him in the Archaic Set. Players can also upgrade it later on in the game, so it can provide some good armor.

With this, players will start their essential run into Hyrule once more alongside all the new secrets the game has in tow.


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