Pokemon GO Adventure Week now Live.

A special event has made its way again to Pokemon GO bringing many rare fossil Pokemon and their newly debuting shiny versions, as well as a fan-favourite Mega Evolution.

Adventure Week is now live in Pokemon GO, with its signature ingame Aurora look of the overworld as well as two brand new shiny forms for Tyrunt and Amaura. This comes alongside the debut of Mega Tyranatar within the game. Here is all you need to know about the event if you’re a Pokemon GO player or if you’re thinking about giving the popular mobile title a try.

Adventure Week started running on Thursday 27th and will last till August 2nd. The event features an array of Fossil Pokemon from previous generations of the Pokemon videogame titles.


Fossil Pokemon are now spawning inside the game in ample, with their shiny versions also up for grabs.

The Pokemon currently coming as spawns within the game are the following in their gen order:

Kanto: Kabuto and Omanyte are now spawning in the game alongside Aerodactyl as well as a rarer spawn.

Hoenn: Lileep and Anorith are also available as normal spawns for the event duration.

Sinnoh: Cranidos and Shieldon are available as common spawns as well.

Unova: Tirtouga and Archen are also available and spawning globally.

Kalos: Tyrunt and Amaura are now spawning within the game, and their brand new shiny version debuts are also encounterable.


There is a big boost to EXP gain as players can get a 5x boost to EXP for spinning a Pokestop for the first time in a day.

Players will also get 2x EXP for spinning Pokestops afterwards normally.

Alongside this, there is a good cut of Egg Hatching Distance for the event duration, with players getting 1/2, i.e. half the distance cut for any eggs they incubate during Adventure Week.


The event brings special Egg Pokemon as well for Adventure Week, with 7km eggs giving the Unova and Kalos region Fossil Pokemon.

What’s more is that the Kalos Fossil Pokemon, Tyrunt and Amaura, have a boosted chance of being shiny, even more than the chance of their normal spawns being shiny till August 2nd. This comes alongside a bonus buff that cuts the walking distance players need to hatch eggs, so this is the perfect time for players to open gifts and get 7km eggs and hatch them.

Field Research:

Field Research Tasks that are themed for Adventure Week are also available to players, with rewards being Tyrunt and Amaura alongside their shiny forms for lucky players and evolutions of the Hoenn and Kanto Fossil Pokemon.

Omastar, Kabutops, Armaldo, and Cradily are all available as Field Research Rewards, as well as Tyrunt and Amaura as mentioned before.

Timed Research:

For players that would be interested in spending a little money, there is also a 2$ Timed Research available for purchase via the ingame shop whose rewards contain more encounters with event-themed Pokemon, Incubators and Super Incubators and more.

Players can purchase this till August 1st and can also gift it to other players. Do note however that this is an expirable Time Research, as it only lasts till the Adventure Week event concludes on August 2nd.

Collection Challenge:

There are also many Collection Challenges up that reward players with encounters and more for catching and evolving Adventure Week-themed Pokemon. There are also many other rewards up for grabs.


Lastly, for raids, as mentioned before, Mega Tyranatar is now in Pokemon GO and is proving to be a very powerful Pokemon to defeat and include in players’ teams. There is also a chance that it would be a shiny version.

Alongside Mega Raids featuring Mega Tyranatar, Regidrago comes as the featured Legendary in 5 Star Raids for Adventure Week.

Tomorrow is also a special day as the Poliwag Community Day will overlap with Adventure Week including many bonuses so there is much to enjoy for players that opt to go out and play the game tomorrow.

For more on Pokemon GO, please visit the official Pokemon GO website.


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