Pokemon GO Glittering Garden Event.

The newest event coming for the month of August is the mainly Grass-Type-themed Glittering Garden Event for Pokemon GO. Niantic has announced information that shows special spawns of particular Grass-type Pokemon coming to Parks, as well as Fairy Type Pokemon and Grass Types taking over spawns for four whole days and more in the Glittering Garden Event that’ll run from August 5th through August 8th.

Here is all you need to know about the event to consider going out in August and playing the mobile game.

Overworld Spawns:

For Fairy and Grass Type Pokemon taking the limelight, all the Pokemon coming for this event as normal spawns will have their shiny forms also available. Here is the full list of all the Pokemon that are coming for the event alongside a chance to be shiny:

and lastly Dedenne.


For Glittering Gardens there will be Grass Type Pokemon hatching from 2km eggs for the event duration. Budew, Cherubi and Petilil will hatch from 2km eggs and will have a chance to be shiny. There will also be Sewaddle and Bounsweet, as well as Larvesta hatching from 2km eggs.

Special Day Spawn:

The primary thing about this event comes with special spawns come to Parks all over the world. For each day of the event, a Grass Type Pokemon will be spawning in ample at parks, changing after each day to the next. There will also be a chance that these spawns will have shiny versions.

The following Pokemon will be Special Day Spawns alongside their dates.

Petilil – August 5th.
Cacnea – August 6th.
Oddish – August 7th.
Seedot – August 8th.

The duration of the last day that will conclude the event will end at 8 PM local time.


A new event brings some new bonuses, with this one coming with bonus candy and stardust and more. Here is a list of all the bonuses that’ll be active during the event:

A bonus of 1.5x Candy will be given for hatching Pokemon.

A bonus of 1.5x Stardust will also be active during the event.

Candy from walking with a Buddy Pokemon will have a higher chance to yield XL candy.

Incubating eggs will cut the hatching distance by half (1/2).

Field Research Task Rewards:

Petilil, Tangela, Roselia and Foongus will come as special rewards for completing Event-themed Field Research that will be available during the event. All of these Pokemon will also have a chance to be shiny so players might not want to skip on completing event-themed tasks.

Timed Research:

Timed Research, fortunately, comes as available for free to all players that play Pokemon Go during the event. Although the rewards are not mentioned, the tasks will be focused on exploring parks and hatching eggs. This will disappear after Glittering Gardens ends on August 8th, so players will need to complete it beforehand.

This is the perfect time for players that are fans of Petilil and Lilligant to snag themselves ample Candy and maybe even a shiny version for themselves in Pokemon GO. Almost all spawns and eggs and rewards feature Petilil, so players will get some massive spawns for the Pokemon. Lilligant is also a very great Gen 5 Grass Type that has some high Special Attack Capability to power up grass-type moves for use in PVP or in Raids.

For more on Pokemon GO, you can visit the mobile game’s official website.


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