Pokemon GO Froakie August Community Day

At long last after much anticipation from the Pokemon GO playerbase, Froakie’s Community Day featuring the starter Pokemon that evolves into the fan-favourite Kalos Water Starter, Greninja, is getting its Community Day on August 13th.

The Greninja Evolutionary line will be getting some major changes on the Community Day for the rest of the future, coming with a brand new signature Fast Move that Greninja is known for, as well as a Charged Move available as a Community Day exclusive. There is also Special Research, Bonuses, special deals and much more. Below is all you need to know about the event.

Greninja Evolutionary Line:

Froakie, Frogadier and Greninja will be in the limelight from 2 to 5 PM Local Time. Greninja will be getting the special new signature Fast Attack, Water Shuriken, added permanently for any Greninja in Pokemon GO for the foreseeable future. This move’s power is relatively low for PVP mode at 6, but it is a very fast move that can do some serious damage in the long run. The move’s power is boosted for Raids and other Battles to a 10 so it is a suitable option for players to have their Greninja learn.

As for the Community Day exclusive Charged Attack, Hydro Cannon will be available for the event duration as well as up to five hours afterwards, till 10 PM Local Time on August 13th.

Event Bonuses:

The following event bonuses will also come to Pokemon GO for the event duration:

  • There will be a double bonus (2X) to Candy for catching Pokemon during the event.
  • Trainers at Level 31 or above will also have a double chance increase of getting XL Candy from catching Pokemon during the event.
  • There will be a triple (3X) bonus to Stardust gain for catching Pokemon as well during the event.
  • Incenses will last for 3 whole hours during the event.
  • Lure Modules will also last for 3 hours.
  • Snapshots will have a surprise featuring the Community Day Starter Froakie.
  • Players will be able to make 3 Special Trades on Community Day. This will remain active till 10 PM.
  • Trades will have cut Stardust usage by half (1/2). What’s more, is that this will remain active till 10 PM on August 13th.

Hence players will have 8 whole bonuses for the event alongside potentially more from the ongoing events in Pokemon GO on the Froakie Community Day. This looks to be a highly favourable and a fan favourite event coming, so players will likely have many more players to socialize with and play Pokemon GO.


Free Field Research themed against the Community Day will have rewards that will include more Froakie encounters, Ultraballs, Stardust, and more.

There will also be a special paid Research Story named A Bubbly Disposition ingame in the Shops tab. It will be available for 1$ and is giftable to other players that have a status of Great Friends or higher. This provides some good bonus rewards for players looking to get something extra aside from all that is already given for free in Pokemon GO for the Froakie Community Day.

Bonus Raids:

As happened with the previous Poliwag Community Day, bonus raids for the Community Day Pokemon will also be available. Players will have the option to battle Frogadier as a 4-Star Raid Pokemon whose egg will spawn during the event. Players that defeat the raid boss will encounter more Froakie spawns in the vicinity of the Gym where the raid took place. What’s more, is that all these Froakie spawns will have the same chance to be shiny as the normal Community Day spawns will have. This will be the perfect chance for players to snag a shiny Froakie or get more candy through more Froakie encounters.

Note that these 4-star Frogadier raids will only be joinable via normal or Premium Raid Pass. Remote Passes will not be usable for these raids, so players will have to be on foot at the location to do the raid and unlock the extra spawns.


Lastly, what’s any Community Day without Community Day-themed stickers? Froakie, Frogadier and Greninja-themed stickers will also be available during the event so players will have a chance to attach and preserve the special day via Gifts and Postcards.

Greninja holds itself as a very prominent Pokemon that received much acclaim for its appearance in the Pokemon Anime, coming as the protagonist Ash’s strongest Pokemon during his journey in the Kalos Region. Ash’s bond with his Greninja even gave it a special appearance whose colors matched Ash’s design, known as Ash Greninja. It’s yet to be known if that special form will ever make its way to Pokemon GO, however, this Community Day is coming with the debut of Shiny Froakie as well as for its whole evolutionary line. Players will thus have a good reason to not skip the event.

The month of August is finally here and the Pokemon GO Fest is finally starting. Players that have purchased the in-person tickets will have the biggest event of Pokemon GO starting early, but it will eventually lead to the Pokemon GO Fest Global, coming worldwide for all players from anywhere in the world to enjoy on August 26th and 27th. Mega Raquaza, Mega Diancie, and much more awaits for people that have purchased the Pokemon Go Fest Global Ticket, however, all players will still have Mega Raquaza and more to enjoy for completely free.

If you’ve ever played Pokemon GO or are thinking of giving it a try, this month is the perfect time to do so. There is plenty of upcoming events alongside the biggest event coming to the popular mobile title that is still going strong seven years in.

For more on Pokemon Go, please check out the official Pokemon GO website.


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