AMD RX 7800 7700 High End – RDNA 3 GPUs Are Almost Here

AMD RDNA 3 GPU: The market’s excitement and buzz surrounding the new AMD Graphics Cards is palpable. People are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the latest models. AMD continues to develop graphics cards that promise enhanced performance and economy.

There have been rumours and leaks concerning these cards for quite some time, which has heightened everyone’s excitement. People are eager to see how these new GPUs stack up against other brands. High-quality graphics cards are in high demand, and AMD’s reputation for innovation makes these new releases even more anticipated. Everyone is excited to see what these cards can accomplish for gaming and content creation.

RDNA 3 GPUs RX 7800 & RX 7700

AI was heavily discussed during AMD’s recent financial report. What’s more exciting for gamers is that AMD is finally preparing to launch their new RX 7800/7700 range of graphics cards. These cards will compete with the top graphics cards on the market. AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, stated that the RX 7600 cards for mainstream gaming were already available in the second quarter.

They expect to expand their RDNA 3 GPU offerings even further in the third quarter by releasing new enthusiast class Radeon 7000-series cards. This means that gamers will have greater and more powerful alternatives to enjoy their favourite games.


Navi 31 Chip & RX 7900 GRE

We’ve been hearing rumours of new AMD graphics cards, such as the RX 7900 GRE. This card is based on the Navi 31 chip, however it differs from the norm by having just four Memory Cache Dies rather than six and a smaller box. It is supposed to be Navi 32 compatible, filling the gap between the RX 7600 and the RX 7900 XT/XTX GPUs.

The announcement of these new graphics chips comes at a time when graphics card sales have been slow. AMD’s gaming income fell compared to last year, owing primarily to fewer sales of gaming GPUs. They did, however, do well with semi-custom sales to firms such as Microsoft and Sony.

AMD’s prior RDNA 2 architecture and RX 6000-series GPUs catered to the upper mainstream/lower high-end market. They launched the top RX 7900 XTX and XT cards in December and an affordable RX 7600 in May, but we’re still waiting for the anticipated RX 7800 and 7700 cards. This delay could be due to existing inventories of RX 6800/6900 GPUs that overlap with the performance range of the new chips.

Navi 32 Chip & RX 7800 7700

For quite some time, we’ve been hearing rumours about the Navi 32 and RX 7800/7700 chips, but there haven’t been many confirmed leaks. We do not yet know the exact characteristics or the release date. However, we do know that these cards will be released in Q3, which implies they will be available either this month or next.

Typically, AMD and Nvidia introduce new products in stages, beginning with higher-end options. If they continue on this path, the RX 7800 (XT) will be released this month, followed by the RX 7700 (XT) next month. AMD stated that new “cards” will be released in Q3, implying that more than one new GPU will be released in the next two months.

Pricing of The New RDNA 3 GPUs – RX 7800 & RX 7700

We don’t know how much the new GPUs will cost or how fast they will be just yet. AMD has not provided us with this information. Based on our testing, we anticipate that the new RX 7800-class GPU will be comparable to or better than the present RX 6950 XT, and that the new RX 7700-class GPU will be slightly quicker than the RX 6750 XT.

The current RX 7900 XT starts at $779.99, so we expect the RX 7800-class model to cost around $600. However, as with the RX 7600, pricing may fall in the future. The RX 7700-class card may be priced about $450, but this is subject to change.

We don’t know if AMD will provide reference cards for the new models as they did previously.

To Wrap it all Up

The latest AMD Graphics Cards, which promise greater performance and innovation, are highly awaited by the market. Rumours and leaks concerning these cards have fueled gamers’ interest. AMD’s upcoming RX 7800/7700 GPUs are intended to compete with the best graphics cards on the market. There has been discussion about the Navi 31-based RX 7900 GRE and the Navi 32-based RX 7800/7700 CPUs.

Despite poor graphics card sales, AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture and preceding RX 6000-series GPUs catered to the general market. Official specifications and release dates for the new GPUs, however, have yet to be released. Although the prices and performance of these new GPUs are unknown, gamers are eagerly awaiting their arrival.


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