AMD Radeon Pro W7600 & W7500 Showcased

Radeon Pro W7600 W7500: AMD Radeon graphics cards are common computer components that improve the graphical performance of games, films, and other visual content. AMD, a renowned manufacturer of computer hardware, created these graphics cards. AMD Radeon graphics cards are available in a variety of models, each with a distinct level of performance to meet the needs of different customers. T

hey are well-known for providing exceptional value for money and are popular among gamers, content makers, and professionals. AMD Radeon graphics cards, with their advanced technology and capabilities, provide smooth and immersive gaming experiences, making them a favourite choice for many PC fans.

AMD Radeon Pro W7600 & W7500

AMD has unveiled two new workstation graphics processing units (GPUs) dubbed Radeon Pro W7600 and Radeon Pro W7500. These GPUs are intended for first-time users and provide single-slot cooling systems. They, like the Radeon RX 7600, use the Navi 33 chip and have 8GB of GDDR6 memory on a 128-bit interface. The key distinctions are in the drivers, total board power (TBP), and cooling. Both GPUs use AMD’s RDNA 3 architecture, which includes AV1 encode and decode, enhanced compute units (CUs), and DisplayPort 2.1 outputs. The W7600 and W7500, on the other hand, support up to UHBR10 video outputs, whereas the top workstation GPUs offer UHBR20.

Specifications of W7600 & W7500

Radeon Pro W7600Radeon Pro W7500Radeon Pro W6600
ArchitectureRDNA 3RDNA 3RDNA 2
LithographyTSMC 6nmTSMC 6nmTSMC 7nm
Compute Units & Ray Accelerators322828
AI Accelerators645628
Peak Single-Precision Performance (FP32))20 TFLOPS12 TFLOPS10 TFLOPS
GDDR6 Memory8 GB8 GB8 GB
Memory Speed18 Gbps11 Gbps14 Gbps
Memory Bus128-bit128-bit128-bit
Total Board Power (TBP)130W70W130W
DisplayPort2.1 UHBR 102.1 UHBR 101.4a HBR 3
AV1 HW. EncodingYesYesNo
SEP At Launch$599$429$649

The specifications for the W7600 and W7500 Radeon Pro graphics cards, as well as the prior version W6600, are available. AMD has confirmed all of the details, including pricing. They also gave their own benchmarks, which compared Radeon Pro cards to Nvidia rivals.

According to AMD benchmarks, the Radeon Pro W7600 outperforms the Radeon Pro W6600 by up to 19%, while the Radeon Pro W7500 outperforms the W6600 by 17%.

In 3D content production, animation, 3D CAD, and visualisation workloads, AMD compared the newest Navi 33 to equivalent Nvidia cards. According to them, the Radeon Pro W7600 outperforms the Nvidia RTX A2000 (Ampere) and the Radeon Pro W7500 exceeds the Nvidia T1000 (Turing).

The AMD Radeon Pro W7600 a Better Performer

The W7600 is the quicker of the two GPUs. It features a complete Navi 33 die with 32 compute units (CUs), 64 AI accelerators, and 8GB of 18 Gbps GDDR6 memory with a 128-bit wide memory interface. It has a 130W power rating and a single-slot cooling system, making it easy to fit into any size PC. It simply needs a single 6-pin power connector to function.

Radeon Pro W7600 W7500

The Entry Level RDNA 3 GPU AMD Radeon Pro W7500

The W7500 is AMD’s entry-level GPU in the RDNA 3 workstation series. It is based on the same Navi 33 chip as the W7600, but with fewer cores and a slower memory subsystem. It is equipped with 28 compute units (CUs), 56 AI accelerators, and 8GB of 11 Gbps GDDR6 memory with a 128-bit memory bus. It has a power rating of 70W and, due to its low power needs, does not require any additional power hookups. As a result, it is appropriate for systems with less strong power supplies. In addition, the W7500 has a slightly shorter single-slot cooler, which aids compatibility in smaller cases.

Functionality & Features of The New Lineup

As previously stated, the W7600 and W7500 both feature DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR 10, allowing them to handle high refresh rates and resolutions. They can support up to four 8K 120Hz or 10K 60Hz monitors with Display Stream Compression, or four 6K 60Hz panels without.

UHBR10 offers somewhat less bandwidth than HDMI 2.1, however it is a huge improvement over the HBR3 of DisplayPort 1.4a. The maximal data rate is determined by the encoding scheme: UHBR10 has 38.79 Gbps, HBR3 has 25.92 Gbps, and HDMI 2.1 has 42 Gbps.

Because these are workstation cards, AMD’s pro drivers are optimised for non-gaming productivity tasks. While they can still be used for gaming and graphics applications, they are primarily intended for professional content creation and provide less raw performance at a greater price than consumer Radeon parts.

To Wrap it all Up

The AMD Radeon Pro W7600 and W7500 workstation GPUs have been released. These GPUs are intended for first-time users and provide single-slot cooling systems. They have an 8GB GDDR6 memory on a 128-bit interface and use the Navi 33 chip. The W7600 is faster, with a full Navi 33 chip that includes 32 CUs, 64 AI accelerators, and 8GB of 18 Gbps GDDR6 memory.

It has a single 6-pin power connector with a power rating of 130W. The W7500 contains 28 CUs, 56 AI accelerators, and 8GB of 11 Gbps GDDR6 memory. It runs at 70W and has no additional power hookups. With DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR 10, both GPUs support high refresh rates and resolutions. They are perfect for professional content creation because they are optimised for non-gaming productivity tasks.


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