Intel Arc A770 Crosses 3.6 GHz Mark ft. Liquid Nitrogen

Intel Arc is a type of graphics card manufactured by Intel. It’s intended for folks who enjoy playing high-quality computer games. It’s the graphics card’s equivalent of a separate brain for the computer, ensuring that the graphics appear good and work properly. Intel Arc competes with other well-known graphics cards used for gaming, such as Nvidia and AMD.

Intel Arc A770

Intel claims that their Arc A770 desktop graphics card is a suitable mid-range alternative for gaming. Some midrange graphics cards are designed to be a little faster from the start, but few people attempt to make them go extremely fast by aggressive overclocking.

It is unusual to shatter overall performance records in this manner. SkatterBencher, on the other hand, wanted to do something different, so they utilised liquid nitrogen to cool down the Acer Predator BiFrost A770 (which contains the Intel Arc GPU) and obtained some remarkable results! By using this severe cooling technique, they set a new record for the fastest Intel Arc GPU.

Intel Arc A770 Crosses 3.6 GHz Mark using Liquid Nitrogen

SkatterBencher did an excellent job with the Intel Alchemist GPU. They increased its speed to 3586 MHz, which is substantially higher than its normal speed of 2400 MHz. When they did this, however, the graphics processor became extremely unstable, and the computer screen froze after only a few seconds. To get the computer operating again, they had to restart it.

They employed a novel cooling mechanism with liquid nitrogen to keep the GPU running so fast, which kept the GPU very cold at roughly -50°C. At -80°C, the liquid nitrogen canister itself was even colder! This intense cooling assisted them in achieving higher speeds for a short period of time, but it could not be sustained for long due to instability.

Procedure of The Intel Arc A770 Overclock Bench

When ScatterBencher accelerated the Intel Arc A770 GPU, the results varied based on what they were performing. The GPU reached a top speed of 3400 MHz for routine workloads while maintaining a cool temperature of -30°C.

The GPU only achieved 3100 MHz on a particular test called 3DMark, and they could only complete one gaming test at that speed. The GPU required to run at 3012 MHz with a voltage of 1.12V to complete the entire 3DMark test. This put it first among the A770 GPUs in a test dubbed Night Raid.

Even though ScatterBencher increased the GPU’s speed by 25%, it still couldn’t compete with better graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia. A standard RTX 4070 Founders Edition graphics card, for example, typically performs better in the Time Spy test, with a score of roughly 17,500, which is 5% higher than the LN2-cooled Arc A770.

Using Intel Arc OC Software to Overclock Intel Arc A770

You can increase the speed of Intel’s Arc A770 GPU by utilising the Arc OC Tool software, which allows you to alter the parameters and increase the performance beyond the preset limitations. SkatterBencher encountered various challenges while attempting to push the GPU to excessive speeds. This GPU is difficult to overclock to exceptionally high levels, and it offered a few difficulties along the process.

First, even with standard cooling, all Intel Arc A770 graphics cards have a power limit of 228W. SkatterBencher exceeded this limit by using a special software called Predator Bifrost and changing the settings to allow for more power usage.

The Arc A770 GPU slows its speed automatically if the voltage rises too high, which can occur at roughly 1.2V. SkatterBencher resolved this issue by altering how the voltage is managed, ensuring that it remains at a safe level.

The GPU’s power system includes six phases, and when it requires more than 330W of electricity, it can become very hot. The GPU slows down to its slowest speed at 110°C. To address this, the overclocker modified the

To Wrap it all Up

With the help of liquid nitrogen cooling, Intel’s Arc A770 graphics card achieved an amazing speed of 3.6 GHz. The SkatterBencher team used novel approaches to accomplish this achievement, breaking the previous record for the fastest Intel Arc GPU. However, such intense overclocking posed difficulties because the GPU became extremely unstable and required continual cooling. The normal Intel Arc A770 is a mid-range option for gamers, but it couldn’t compete with the performance of more powerful graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia when overclocked. Overclocking was achievable with the Intel Arc OC Tool programme, but it required overcoming a number of challenges.


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