Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Flux Construct I Guide

As soon as players dive right into the first Area of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, they make their way through the various places that hold many secrets, through the Temple of Time as well as through the various shrines that reward Link with his most essential abilities that he’ll use in the game. Players will quickly realise that this Great Sky Island acts as the perfect tutorial area or a practice area for everything they need to learn to get through the whole game ahead.

When players get to the Western side of the map, between the Second and the Third Shrine, they’ll notice a big circle near the great Stone gate that borders the Snowy Area. This place holds one of the newest enemies of the game, the Flux Construct I.

Players can reach the circle relatively easily using the movable podium using the Ultrahand ability. Moving it to cover the opening and jumping onto it and then to the circle, they will arrive at the location that has a Flux Construct I in sensory mode. Beware though, as you might want to prepare a little before starting the battle.

Go back and be sure to cook some dishes that you’ll need to restore your health during battle. You should also look around and prepare some combined weapons that are strong and durable against the new enemy. It’s also very good to have a good amount of arrows and bows. Basically, you should have a full weapon inventory and 5-6 dishes that restore your 3 hearts’ health to full.

Go to the circle and slowly come closer to the intriguing red blink moving in circles. When you get close enough the whole construct will take on a bipedal shape. Your battle starts here.

Luckily for you, the Flux Construct is the weakest of its kind. However, its attacks will still cut your health by 2 and a half hearts, so you’ll be just a single blow away from death, do not get too close yet, instead start circling it and wait for it to attack you. Quickly run towards the left or right to avoid its attacks and its blocks. When you get hit, quickly open your inventory and eat to restore your health to full. Observe it and notice that one of its blocks will be a light color and will be shining.

This different-colored glowing block is the weak point of Flux Construct I. It is this block that you have to hit with your weapons and arrows to temporarily immobilize and/or cut its health to defeat it. It is easier to aim at it and use an arrow as the first hit will immobilize the enemy for a short while. Go ahead close to hit and hit it plenty with your weapons. Repeat this as much as you can until the Flux Construct I completely changes its shape.

Now you need to be wary of the blocks it sends flying your way. Keep your Stamina in check and run towards the sides to avoid damage. Find the weak point of it again and hit it with your arrows as it’s more convenient. You can repeat this a few times till it drops and you get an opening to hit it again with your weapons. You can also use your Ultrahand ability to just pull out the Weak Point Block out to immobilize it and hit it with your weapons. This way doesn’t require arrows but you’ll need to be quick so you don’t take damage.

Slowly, the Flux Construct I will lose health. Its manner of attacks changes with its shape so keep the ways to dodge them in mind.

You’ll come out victorious and will land yourself some rare Zonai items as well as a few pieces that you can use the Combining Ability to use as a weapon.


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