Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Gutanbac Shrine Guide

Gutanbac Shrine is the third shrine you need to visit in the Great Sky Island that is your tutorial area for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This shrine is located in the snowy mountain region of the tutorial area, so you will need to know how to protect yourself from the cold weather in order to reach it.

When you progress ahead from the In Isa Shrine and venture towards the South part of the Great Sky Island, you will come to the edge of the map from where the snow region starts, you have to gather some Spicy peppers as well as some other edible food items, such as Skyshrooms or Apples. Once you have them, find a lit fire with a cooking bowl in this Western Area of the map and cook your Spicy Peppers with a Skyshroom or other edible foods like fish. You will obtain a dish that will give you a cold-resistance buff that will last a few minutes. Make 5-6 of these so you can venture forth and get to the Gutanbac Shrine.

You can reach this after climbing up the first cave that leads to the snowy area, and then climbing up another one whose exit will have a big tree trunk or vine coming down right ahead, face it and climb up and you will get to the Gutanbac Shrine.

As soon as you enter the shrine, you will be given the new Ascent Ability. This allows you to pass through solid ceilings and pop out on the other top side.

Go ahead so you’re below the ceiling and use Ascent. You’ll pop up.

Look towards the right and you will notice the left side as a chest. Use ascent to get to it and open it.

Come down and use ascent right below the thicker ceiling to go up.

When you come to the top, look towards your right and you will notice a few rocks. Break those using a weapon with a boulder attached to it. Go inside and use Ascent to go to the top to get another chest. Open it and come down.

Cut the two ropes using a weapon so the flat surface drops. Go below it and use Ascent again.

Watch in front of you that a moving flat ramp is low enough to use the Ascent ability on, do that and pop up to it. When it moves to the middle use ascent again and you will reach the end of the shrine.

Go to the final podium and you will get another Light orb and you have completed the shrine.


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