Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Nacoyah Shrine Guide

This is the final Shrine of the Great Sky Island that players surprisingly find needing to complete when they venture back to the Temple of Time and find out they still need to get one more Light of Blessing to progress further. Reaching it is very easy, as players get the Fast Travel option from the Temple of Time directly to the Sky Island where Link woke up.

After Fast Travelling back to the Sky Island, look to the left and notice the gears that started moving the very first time Link Activated them after waking up.

Go to the left ceiling and use Ascend to get to the top side.

Face the gears and use the newly given Rewind Ability that you received at the Temple of Time on the smaller middle gear. The gears will start to move backwards so you can jump and get to the opening on the other side.

Follow the small hole and you will get to the Nacoyah Shrine.

When you enter the shrine, walk ahead and you’ll notice a water stream with floating rafts on it

Use the Rewind Ability to move the rafts opposite of the water stream backwards and quickly jump on them to progress ahead.

Use the Rewind Ability again on the second raft that fell down from the small waterfall and quickly jump on it to its center. It will go opposite of the stream and will rise up the waterfall.

Look to the left side and a gear will be present, use the Rewind Ability to get to the top chest to the gear’s left. Come down.

Use the Rewind Ability on the dial moving when the front dial is right on top of the dial behind it. It will move the same way and the door will open.

Go to the end podium and claim your final Light of Blessing and you have completed the final shrine of the Great Sky Island.

Head back to the Temple of Time to get a Heart Container from the Statue so you can open the final stone gate. You will be in for a treat with a great cut scene and one more when you get to the final sky Island edge you see right ahead.


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