Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Ukough Shrine Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been a massive success for Nintendo, pushing some great sales numbers for the game itself as well as for the Nintendo Switch that holds Breath of the Wild’s exclusive sequel.

For players diving into the game, they’ll soon find that the game has shrines just like its prequel game that rewards players with a few chests as well as Light orbs that are used to make Link stronger.

This is a full guide on the very first shrine of the game, what it holds, and how to clear it out completely.

The Ukough Shrine is the very first shrine players have access to that bestows them the Ultrahand ability. This is the ability that is used to move things around as well as stick them to each other. It is one of the most essential and useful skills to have around, and the shrine acts as a tutorial to using the Ultrahand.

Players can access the shrine right after they’ve reached the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island which itself acts as a tutorial area of the game. After Link finds himself unable to open the Temple of Time’s gate, he’s directed by his ally to venture forth and clear out the four shrines of the Great Sky Island.

A player cannot access this before the cut scene as the opening will just not be available to the player, so they have to visit the Temple of Time and then go to the Ukough Shrine. It is located directly to the west of the temple and is clearly visible. A player can reach it by running ahead and climbing up to its location on the map.

When the player enters the shrine, the Ultrahand ability is unlocked. Use this to go ahead and move the piece of flat stone that’s lying around and place it as a bridge to cross the gap.

You can join two pieces of wood to make the long bridge needed to cross.

The bonus chest for this shrine will be ahead to the right side. Use the same bridge that you used to cross the distance and turn it to a 45-degree angle and place the top part beside it, so it becomes a ramp. Climb up to the chest and open it for your reward.

Then go to the left side where you’ll see some stone parts shaped like a question mark as well as flat wood pieces. You can join them together and use them on the running rail that leads to the other final side of the shrine. You can also just simply use the bridge from the back and join it with more wooden pieces to make a long bridge and use it as a ramp to get to the other final side as well. It’s all up to you.

Go ahead and interact with the final shrine stone and you’ve successfully cleared the shrine.


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