Lengthy Reunion Genshin Impact Hidden Achievement

Lengthy Reunion Genshin Impact: In Genshin Impact, secret surprises are kept for players in the form of hidden accomplishments. They are harder to locate than typical successes. You must explore, solve puzzles, perform unique actions, or finish certain objectives in order to obtain them. These accomplishments increase the game’s enjoyment and excitement. It’s similar like unearthing buried treasure that is just waiting for you. You receive a great feeling when you complete these unique milestones, and you could even find out wonderful things or more about the game’s plot. It resembles finding hidden items that add to the fun of playing the game.

Lengthy Reunion Achievement

Genshin Impact offers a special prize called “The Lengthy Reunion” that you may win. The “Wonders of the World” category includes it. You must complete a secret task while playing the game to win it. This unique item is referred to as “Even Beasts Get Homesick.” To complete this challenge, you must locate a hidden objective in the game’s setting. Finding a concealed item is the key to winning this prize.

Starting Point of Lengthy Reunion Achievement

Go to the Statue of the Seven in Vissudha Field’s centre, which is situated between Sumeru City and the Lost Nursery, to get started. After that, descend the slope and head southeast down a route. You’ll notice the Sumpter Beast you need to follow moving in your direction there. There might be Rishboland Tigers around, so use caution.

It takes time to follow the Sumpter Beast, and if you go too far behind, it will catch up with you and you’ll have to start over. So prepare to devote some time to thoroughly monitoring it. Unless you assault the beast, it won’t attack you, and if you unintentionally kill it, you have to wait 12 hours for it to try to attack you again.

Lengthy Reunion Genshin Impact

How to Complete Lengthy Reunion Achievement

The Sumpter Beast travels through areas where there are opponents. These adversaries won’t disturb the beast, but if you get too closely, they might injure you. You can decide whether to avoid them or engage in combat with them.

The Sumpter Beast encounters seven different enemy factions. It’s best to beat them first if you intend to combat them than to start pursuing the beast. If you want to keep away from them, be careful not to get too far away since the beast can vanish. It’s not that difficult; just be cautious.

Be selective with the characters you employ if you wish to combat the bad guys while pursuing the Sumpter Beast. The beast could be unintentionally attacked by some of the characters. Eremites, Treasure Hoarders, and Fungi are the foes you will encounter. The Sumpter Beast may grow enraged and attack if the Withering Zone it passes through hasn’t been cleaned. Do not be concerned if this occurs. The voyage will continue after you give it some time to calm down.

The Sumpter Beast is depicted in this image beginning in the east and ending in the west, where your player symbol is located.

The Sumpter Beast returns to its owner in Ashavan Realm after it reaches the finish. The owner is living alongside adversaries known as Eremites in a camp. Fighting them can be necessary, but take care not to harm the Sumpter Beast.

The Conclusion

You ought to obtain the chest and the achievement after taking out the owner. But occasionally, the owner may not appear, as it did for us while we were creating this guide. In that case, either return to the Statue of the Seven or wait for the Sumpter Beast to reappear after you fight it to start anew. The fact that we don’t know why this problem occurs makes “The Lengthy Reunion” one of the trickier hidden accomplishments in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact’s “Lengthy Reunion” is a difficult hidden accomplishment. By sleuthing out riddles, doing chores, and exploring, players can unearth hidden accomplishments. Players must pursue a Sumpter Beast from Vissudha Field to Ashavan Realm for “Lengthy Reunion,” dodging any potential attacks from foes. However, bugs might make the owner disappear, making the accomplishment challenging. These undiscovered victories provide players a sense of success and discovery while also giving the game complexity.


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