Mew and Mewtwo Arriving in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Pokemon Presents had a good amount of news coming for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Alongside the upcoming DLC, there was one other announcement, a brand new event coming to the game. The event is named “Get Mew and Mewtwo”, featuring the popular Legendary and Mythical duo from Kanto making their way to the latest Pokemon videogame titles.

There is much to go through so here is all you need to know about the event, including the important details, how to redeem Mew for free, and everything else.

Get Mew and Mewtwo:

The event is comprised of two main things that you’ll need to know. The first one is already available for all players. Mew, the mythical Kanto Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Scarlet via a giveaway with a whole array of Tera-types and moves. With the help of Mew, players will have a chance to battle against Mewtwo, one of the strongest Pokemon ever created, as the newest upcoming Tera Raid Pokemon to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raid Battles.

Players will have to team up with Mew and others for a chance to defeat and capture Mewtwo for themselves.


Mew is now available to Redeem via a simple Mystery Gift code from the game. Players will have their very own unique version of Mew that comes in many natures, as well as a variety of Tera types, alongside unique moves.

The code to get a Mew in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet is GETY0URMEW.

This giveaway is completely free and only requires an online internet connection for players that own either Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. Players can redeem this till September 18t, 2023.

This event and giveaway come as a very pleasant surprise as Mew has been voted as one of the most favourite Mythical Pokemon by Pokemon fans, and getting one completely for free, that too which is unique for every trainer, is a great addition to all that the latest Gen Pokemon games already have.

Players can redeem Mew in this manner and then can go on to face Mewtwo coming soon.


The one that is considered the strongest Pokemon ever, Mewtwo will be making its way to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raid Battles next month. Mewtwo will be coming to Tera Raids with the Psychic Tera Type, buffed to the absolute extreme if players didn’t already think of it as a Psychic-Type powerhouse. Mewtwo Tera Raids will start on September 1st, with waves prior to prepare for the epic showdown next month.

Players who manage to defeat Mewtwo will get to add it to their Pokemon roster, however, it will be no easy feat. Captured Mewtwo will also have the Mightiest Mark, and will come with some other rewards for defeating it as well, so players that defeat it once can still return to help out others do the same and get some good items to help them out in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Mewtwo will only be able to be caught once per save file.

Players need to update their game to the latest version as well as update their Poke’Portal ingame.

As for the Waves, there are two coming before Mewtwo makes its Tera Raid debut, and there will be plenty of items to help players prepare to face Mewtwo as well as powerful catchable Pokemon that would be suitable to face again Mewtwo.

Hence, this is the perfect time for players to dive in to play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and do Tera Raid Battles. The event follows up directly to the release of the first part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, which also had some limelight put on it during today’s August 8th Pokemon Presents Stream.

Here is a link to the event’s website page.

There is much more to enjoy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as well for players that have played the whole game. The DLC Hidden Treasure of Area Zero’s first part, The Teal Mask, comes with a brand new area to explore as well as many new and old Pokemon. The look of the first part comes with many familiar, albeit different faces too. The Teal Mask will be arriving on September 13th, with pre-orders already online. The Second part of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, The Indigo Disk, will be arriving in the coming Winter.

Players have plenty of new content coming their way to have more fun in the latest open-world Pokemon titles on the Nintendo Switch.


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