Starfield’s DLSS 3 Mod and Frame Generation – Massive Boost to FPS

If you are looking to enhance your space exploration experience on Starfield, PureDark has added the DLSS3 MOD for Bethesda’s long-awaited title. NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling 3 or also known as DLSS 3, enables the game to run on a higher frame rate on NVIDIA’s latest 40-series graphic cards. DLSS 3 is exclusively on NVIDIA’s latest cards. The only catch, you have to pay PureDark $5.00 on his Patreon page to get access to it. However, his mod for DLSS 2 is free to download.

Another modder by the name of LukeFZ has uploaded a Starfield mod that adds DLSS 3 and DLSS Frame Generation to the game. Both Mods by LukeFZ and Puredark have been tested and are working great.

While using this mod, you will get almost 25% higher frame rates and much smoother gameplay. This is quite helpful when you are in a high texture-dense location of the game as the game tends to drop down in frame rate.  


PureDark’s DLSS 2 Mod, as I am writing this article, has been downloaded more than 348,000 times. LukeFZ’s DLSS 3 Mod has been downloaded more than 41,000 times. As mentioned above, they both work great and all mods are available on Nexus Mods for you to download.

Starfield’s launch has been exclusive to AMD’s new 7000 series graphics cards and uses FSR 2. FSR 2 is AMD’s version of an AI frame generation upscaler. What we know so far is that Starfield will be updated with the upcoming FSR 3 in the first quarter of 2024. You can further check out the new AMD 7000 series graphic cards and AMD’s FSR 3 details.  


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